When your girlfriend breaks up with you for reasons she won't tell it breaks your heart.Trust me Louis i know how it feels. What Louis doesn't know is that she left him to protect him and now he sees her every where.


5. disappearing

Lou's pov 

This past month it's been crazy I've been a mess and Niall's been acting strange and always sneaking off the other lads are getting pissed at Niall and trying to get me to get on with my life but it's hard she was the second girl I loved. The door slammed and Niall came in looking tired his hair was messed up and his cloths were  wrinkled. "Were you having sex with her!" Zayn exclaimed standing up looking angry. "What no gross!"'Niall said walking into the kitchen we followed "But you were with her?" Harry asked I slumped down in a chair Niall shrugged. "DON'T YOU SEE WHAT YOUR DOING!"'Zayn yelled pointing to me. Niall turned around his eyes looking a mixture of guilt and anger. "DON'T BLAME ME IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M GOING THROUGH!" Nial yelled. "Maybe we'd know if you told us for once!" Liam said throwing his hands in the air frustrated. "And don't say you can't!" Harry snapped. "I. Can't." Niall said crossing his arms. Harry was just about to punch Niall when the door opened "Everyone but Niall out. Now." She said we scrambled out into the living room. We heard hushed voices I couldn't make out what there saying but then we heard gun shots and glass breaking then more gun shots. When everything was silent we rushed into the kitchen Niall was hiding under the counter shaking. She was no where to be seen. 

Niall's pov 

After the boys left the room She told me something I dreaded to hear. "Your sister in law is safe now but...........Theo is missing." She said I took deep breaths trying nit to break down like I did this morning. All of a sudden there was gun shots She pushed me under the counter and knelt down and pulled out her gun She shoot and then ran out everything went silent and the boys rushed in I couldn't stop shaking I could have just been shoot and killed. 

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