Child of The Sea

Helena Troy is a 16 year old girl who has known she was a Half-Blood since the age of nine. Unfortunately, her mother hadn't informed her of her godly father. During her time at Camp Half-Blood she discovers that she must go on a quest to save the gods. Will she save the Gods and the world? Or will the fate of the world tople to its knees in the hands of Helena?

{Please don't judge the book on the first few chapters... I was 13.}


22. Why is it always the kids of Poseidon?

"So you're saying that we need to find Daedalus' symbol and then we find the labyrinth?" Mark asked Annabeth after her twenty minute rant explaining what they needed to do. "Yeah, basically" said Percy. That earned him an elbow in the ribs by Annabeth. "Not 'basically'. It's a lot more complicated than that. Helena, tell them." Annabeth turned to Helena. Honestly, Helena wasn't paying attention to what Annabeth was saying. She was thinking about how pretty her Pegasus would look with a fishtail plait on her mane and how awesome the boy pegasi would look if she painted flames on their backs. She had no clue what Annabeth just said. "Yeah guys, you're such idiots! Annabeth just said that we need to get the equation for Daedalus' workshop so we can find his symbol somewhere to get into the labyrinth so we can go find whatever's causing all these monsters to go 'round killing innocent mortals so we can then go find Daedalus' workshop so we can find someone so we can go find out who has the fleece so that we can go get the fleece and then we can go back to camp and put it back again so the camp will be saved and we can all survive the stay at camp so we can still carry on to train so we can just go back and be normal demigods and relax and so we don't have to do this again anytime soon and hopefully not die throughout the entire process because in all honesty I don't want to die because I've only known about this for a few months and it's all too hard and I'm so bad at this and I'm so surprised I've yet to die and I just -" Helena didn't realise she had tears forming in her eyes. She started off retelling what she thought Annabeth had told them and ended up pouring her heart out to three demigods who'd be doing the demigod life years longer than Helena, including her half-brother, her brother's amazing girlfriend Helena considered a friend and a guy she was confused about. They all looked at her in awe. They were staring and Helena was starting to get more self conscious and awkward.


"So, what do you need me to do?" she wiped away the tear that had fallen during the silence. "Well?" She just wished they'd let it go. It had been minutes since she'd had her outburst. She let her guard down, and she was sure as hell never doing it again. "Um, right. Yeah, maybe we should start with using a map to decide where we should start." Annabeth was the first to snap out of the daze. Helena reached for the map that was placed in her bag after the quest had started. They discovered where the latest opening happened and figured out where the rest of the openings were and finally, worked out where the next few would be. They decided they would need to rest before they started on the journey to the next location. By their calculations, every labyrinth opening was at exactly 10:00am but every opening happened 48 hours after each other, which meant they had plenty of time.


Helena offered to be on lookout for the group first but all three of the others protested. Percy and Mark both wanted to be on lookout first but Annabeth decided that she and Percy needed time to talk and Mark and Helena needed to rest. Mark and Helena went to set up camp. The two were making the tent when Mark started talking. "Look, I know you probably hate me right now and I understand why because I wasn't there to help but honestly, I will make sure you do not die. I will make sure of it. I promise you Helena. I promise." Helena was speechless. Mark grabbed her hand "I promise Helena, and I swear to you I mean it." Helena gave him a soft smile and left the tent.


There was a crash during the night and Helena and Percy looked at each other and then down at the food all over the floor in front of them. "Why is it always the kids of Poseidon?!" Annabeth yelled.

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