Child of The Sea

Helena Troy is a 16 year old girl who has known she was a Half-Blood since the age of nine. Unfortunately, her mother hadn't informed her of her godly father. During her time at Camp Half-Blood she discovers that she must go on a quest to save the gods. Will she save the Gods and the world? Or will the fate of the world tople to its knees in the hands of Helena?

{Please don't judge the book on the first few chapters... I was 13.}


30. We may be a little out of our depth

"Antaeus. WHERE THE HELL IS OUR FLEECE?!" Helena asked. Her patience had finally run out.

"You see, I don't have it." Antaeus told them.

"What? Then who has it?" Helena asked.


"Bring out Kronos."


*              *               *


All the stories Helena was ever told of Kronos had always just seemed fairy tales. Every single time she heard a story about the infamous Kronos, she was told how big he was. Helena was surprised when actually seeing him that he was truly a giant. Bigger than any of the Gods. Helena was incredulous. She thought the Gods where big in their true form, it never occurred to her that she was ever meet a giant. It never occurred to her that she would be in as much trouble as she was, in out of her depth. She just assumed that was Percy's job. Guess it runs in the family then she thought to herself. She wasn't sure what to do.


Kronos moved slowly, as though he was injured. Or had been. He moved towards Helena. It wasn't threatening, but it did make her wary of what was about to happen. She felt a warm body instantly move to stand next to her. She wasn't sure whether it was Mark, or Percy or Annabeth but at that moment, she would take all the support she could get. Kronos move closer to her. She wasn't sure what she should do, her grip on her sword suddenly intensified, as though it were a comfort to her.

"You were asking about 'your' fleece?" Kronos asked. For a moment Helena didn't quite make out that he was talking to her.

"Where is it?" Mark. Helena had the sudden realisation that it was Mark who stood next to her. Kronos fixed his eyes on Mark, it looked as if he was almost trying to burn holes into his orbs. Mark stood in his place, adamant on continuing the stare. Kronos finally broke the silence.

"I was talking to this one." he pointed to Helena. His index finger was almost the size of Helena's torso. "If you would be so kind, I'd like to talk to her." he turned to Helena "would you mind shooing away your little guard dog." Helena raised her eyebrows at him, but his stare made it abundantly clear that he was serious. She grabbed hold of Mark's hand, turned towards him and gave him a slight nod of her head, the sign that he should leave the two to talk. It was her he wanted to talk to. It was obvious that no one ever refused his wishes. Mark gave her hand a slight squeeze and obeyed her wishes. She knew that the slight squeeze of the hand meant more than just complying with her wishes. It meant that he was ready, on guard.

"Thank you. It's quite uncomfortable, seeing a young son of Ares so ready to comply with any one's wishes. I wonder. You don't look like muc-"

"What was so important that you were so adamant to talk to me alone?" Helena cut him off. He was taken aback.

"You were the child that defeated the Cyclops, yes?" He asked


"Good. Then you were the one who asked about the Golden Fleece."

"Yes, I was. Where is it?" she asked.

"No, no, no. I would never give up information that easily. How silly of you young one."

"I swear to the Gods. Where is the Fleece?!"

Annabeth cut in. "Helena." he warned. "Maybe that's not so wise."

Kronos turned to her. "Ah, yes. The wise child of Athena. The one idiotic enough to fall into Tartarus, no?" Annabeth's eyes turned scarily stormy, as if there were lightning bolts striking inside her head.

"What did you just say?" Percy.

"Ah, the young Perseus Jackson. I have missed this." Kronos chuckled and small cracks formed in the floor.

"The fleece?" Helena diverted the conversation.


*             *             *


It had been almost two hours. Two hours of the giant diverting her questions of the Golden Fleece. "Kronos." Helena finally said. "I'd rather we didn't play. Where is the fleece?"

"In Daedalus' workshop, child. Or, what's left of it at least." The smirk on his face was unmistakable. It was there. But he was going to make sure it was as hard as possible for the four to get there.


"Thank you Antaeus. It was delightful to have fought in your court." Helena sounded fake, forced almost.


She turned, meeting a hard, hairy chest as she turned to leave the courts. Could they not catch a break?

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