Child of The Sea

Helena Troy is a 16 year old girl who has known she was a Half-Blood since the age of nine. Unfortunately, her mother hadn't informed her of her godly father. During her time at Camp Half-Blood she discovers that she must go on a quest to save the gods. Will she save the Gods and the world? Or will the fate of the world tople to its knees in the hands of Helena?

{Please don't judge the book on the first few chapters... I was 13.}


37. Ocean's son takes his last breath

Mark, Annabeth and Percy made it back to Camp with time to spare. The screams of delight which were called by the other campers was a memory. It didn't help them; it didn't make them feel victorius. It just made them remember the sole reason why they were all still alive. The screams died down when Chiron came running through the crowds. "Children! You return! And with such a prize I see -" he stopped when he realised one of the chosen four was missing. "And where is our newest camper?" tears started streaming down Annabeth's face; Percy and Mark didn't speak - they just looked on in silence. Another camper took the fleece from Annabeth's tight grip and placed it back on Thalia's tree. The boundary surrounding the Camp was restored but there was no cheer. Just utter silence for the fallen demigod. "Come" he led the remaining three to the Big House.


"You must be sent to Olympus. I'm sorry, I realise it's not the best of timing but the remaining three have been summoned by the Gods." none of them made a sound - barely any of them actually looked at Chiron. They just complied with his wishes and made their way to New York. The journey was long and silent. The only thing that could be heard was Annabeth's quiet sobs and Percy's short breaths.They'd surrendered to Helena's wishes. Wisdom and Ocean must surrender in defeat. Mark didn't do anything. He just sat at the back of the mini-bus, looking out of the window with tears burning his eyes. 


When they all made it to the Empire State building, the man at the front desk just gave them the key - he was clearly aware of the situation they'd just been in. When the doors to Olympus opened, they weren't stunned by it. They had been there so many times - yet every time it still made an impression on them. But not now. Percy and Annabeth thought back to the time when they thought Leo had died. They remembered the feeling - that feeling they hoped they'd never have to feel again. They never imagined that they would have to do it all over again. Feel the same pain, face the same people. Yet, here they were. They had one friend back, but they'd all lost another.


*                  *                  *


They made it to the throne room, and the second they entered, Poseidon turned to human size and gave his son a hug. 

"I thought you were gone. We saw you fall out of the window but our coverage was cut short after that. I thought you'd taken your last breath." Poseidon told his son. Percy didn't reciprocate the same hug. His eyes failed him and yet again, tears ran down his face. Poseidon looked at his son, before looking around for his sea-green eyed daughter. But he didn't see her. He looked back towards Percy, Annabeth and Mark and saw that they were all crying.

"Annabeth?" Athena asked. She was concerned for her daughter. She hadn't seen her cry that much since she believed a certain son of Hephaestus was gone. The realisation suddenly hit Athena and she arose from her throne. Her form turned human as she walked towards her half-mortal daughter.

"Annabeth, what happened?" Athena carefully asked her daughter, making sure to do so slowly so her daughter didn't get overly alarmed.

"Helena. Blew up. The Labyrinth. It was my idea. She wanted me to go. Kronos is gone." she couldn't finish.

"And so is Helena" Poseidon finished for her.


*                  *                 *


"Zeus please. Consider it. We've done it before now." Poseidon told his brother. "Please. This is my daughter. We save the Valdez boy. Surely we can save another?" he was bargaining a hard game.

"The Valdez boy wasn't truly dead." Zeus countered.

"Zeus." Poseidon warned. "This is my daughter. Please. Don't be so cold hearted. This is your niece."

"I have plenty of nieces from you brother. Why should I save this one?" Zeus questioned.

"Because Piper had a vision about her." Mark told them all. It was the first time he'd even spoken since returning.

"What? What did she see?" Poseidon forced.

"She said... she said she saw Helena back in the infirmary. She said the image wasn't clear... but she saw Helena. On one of the beds. On August the 29th." Mark told them. It was angled more towards Percy and Annabeth than anyone else. Anger's son must tell his friends.

"That's tomorrow. When did she tell you this?" Poseidon pushed yet again.

"I... it was... before the Quest. I didn't really think anything of it because she was in the infirmary after that battle. I just thought it was that..." Mark was crying now. For the first time in his life, he was actually crying.


"ZEUS. The boy said in the Camp's infirmary. Tomorrow. We need to get her back." Poseidon was persistent.

"Fine - but, there are too many you must comply with after this deed is done." Zeus warned.

"Anything. Please just help me."


*                   *                   *


The Underworld was a dark place. It was so different to Olympus that Zeus was almost considering abandoning his agreement - but the promise of Poseidon doing anything he wished was too hard for Zeus to pass.


"Hades. Brother! Long time no see!" Zeus tried.It didn't exactly help when Poseidon was standing next to him looking like Ares.

"What did you do? What was so bad to make you come down here to see me?" Hades questioned. It had been centuries since he'd last seen them.

"I need a favour from you" Zeus told him.

"What is it?" a suspicious Hades asked.

"I need you to let us take someone back. A girl. She shouldn't have died." Zeus said. It wasn't exactly a lie, but he knew Hades wasn't likely to listen to them anyway - it was worth a shot.

"Give me. My. Daughter. Brother" Poseidon snarled.

"Which one?" Hades tried. "Fine. If I grant her a way back in to the living, what will I gain from this interaction?" Hades told his estranged brothers.

"A throne on Olympus." It personally pained Zeus to say that, but he knew his brother Poseidon might just do anything to get his daughter back.



Gods and Goddesses learn heaven and hell must meet.


*                  *                  *


Back at Camp Half-Blood, the demigods were unaware of the deal that was happening in the Underworld. They all believed the daughter of Poseidon was dead. And that there was no way of getting back. The night had set and it was told that there would be a memorial for the fallen hero the next day.

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