Child of The Sea

Helena Troy is a 16 year old girl who has known she was a Half-Blood since the age of nine. Unfortunately, her mother hadn't informed her of her godly father. During her time at Camp Half-Blood she discovers that she must go on a quest to save the gods. Will she save the Gods and the world? Or will the fate of the world tople to its knees in the hands of Helena?

{Please don't judge the book on the first few chapters... I was 13.}


17. Looks like we're going back into the Labyrinth

  "Ok, so where do we start? Where do we go to get into the 'Labyrinth'?" asked Helena. Percy, Annabeth and Mark all looked at her. Mark and Percy's faces turned from 'you idiot, isn't it obvious' to 'yeah, no I don't know either' and they both turned to Annabeth. "WHAT?" she demanded. Percy and Mark turned back to each other, made faces of confusion before turning back to Annabeth, which was when Percy said "Well, you're the genius. We kind of thought you'd know." Annabeth's face turned to anger. Not because of the expectations from them, that was inevitable, it was a constant she had to live with. She was full of anger because she, too realised that she had no idea where they were supposed to start their search for the Labyrinth. It wasn't that difficult the last time, the symbol just kind of appeared. Annabeth wondered whether it would happen again this time. She wondered whether it would appear or whether they needed to start looking for it. Annabeth was confused. She wondered if she should ask Percy. But then she remembered - it's Seaweed Brain. She wanted to ask Helena, she seemed smart enough to figure it out but she realised that Helena hadn't been there the last time - so she wouldn't know what to do either.


*                *               *


Percy and Annabeth went outside in order to talk about the situation. Helena and Mark were left alone for the first time in three days. "What do you think they're talking about?" Helena asked Mark, watching the couple. Mark had been staring at her. "Mark?" she asked again. He snapped out of it. "What?" he asked. "What do you think they're talking about?" Helena asked yet again. He finally peeled his eyes off her to watch Percy and Annabeth. "I don't know, but it can't be good. Helena looks terrified." he told her. She nodded. She caught him looking at her again from the corner of her eye. "Whatcha doin'?" she asked him, looking straight ahead, still aware that he had his eyes on her. "What?" he asked her. She turned to look at him too. "I just..." she swallowed. "Whatcha thinking about?" she asked, her cool nonchalant tone gone. He never answered her. They both just looked into each other's eyes and continued to stare, like both pairs of eyes were bottomless pools.


"Hey guys..." Annabeth and Percy interrupted.



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