Child of The Sea

Helena Troy is a 16 year old girl who has known she was a Half-Blood since the age of nine. Unfortunately, her mother hadn't informed her of her godly father. During her time at Camp Half-Blood she discovers that she must go on a quest to save the gods. Will she save the Gods and the world? Or will the fate of the world tople to its knees in the hands of Helena?

{Please don't judge the book on the first few chapters... I was 13.}


39. Last but not least

Helena sat by the fire, all eyes were on her and she recited her story. Every moment - from Poseidon and Zeus' plea to waking up in the Infirmary. It was almost unbelievable. It was almost like she had been lying for hours about where she'd been and what she'd done. She was just glad to be back, safe in the Camp with her friends. No. Her family. Helena had never been a part of something so incredible. It felt nice.


She was just glad she wasn't dead anymore.


*                  *                  *


The sun was set on the Long Island Sound and a chorus of Camp songs could be heard from miles around. The summer air was warm, and the breeze set a sweet waft of air in their direction, keeping them all well balanced. The trees softly swayed in the evening breeze and the lake was sending small waves across the surface. Zeus' fist was softly highlighted by the Camp's fire. The neighs of the Pegasi were a small comfort. All of the flowers blooming were excited to be there and the nymphs sung faint lullabies. It was a picturesque landscape, and it was theirs. Something for them to appreciate for years to come.


And they were watched by the Gods, every one being blessed by their parent. Their lives were oh-so-dangerous but in that moment, it made no difference to them. Because they had a family. A place they could belong to. And that was something no one could ever take from them. 

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