Child of The Sea

Helena Troy is a 16 year old girl who has known she was a Half-Blood since the age of nine. Unfortunately, her mother hadn't informed her of her godly father. During her time at Camp Half-Blood she discovers that she must go on a quest to save the gods. Will she save the Gods and the world? Or will the fate of the world tople to its knees in the hands of Helena?

{Please don't judge the book on the first few chapters... I was 13.}


33. It's time it was ended for good

Suddenly she was falling and she didn't think she'd ever feel the ground again.


*                 *                   *


She reached the sea and the splash was so loud, she couldn't quite her screams. She fell from such a height that upon reaching the water, she fell to the bottom of the sea floor. She could breathe underwater, she knew that - but for a second she wondered whether she could actually drown, whether it was physically possible. The shock she'd been subdued to made it so that she couldn't think to breathe, but she knew it wouldn't kill her, once the shock partially faded, she'd get back up - leave the water and get back into the labyrinth. End it for good.


"Get up." she heard. She looked around her curiously. "Helena, I know you here me. Get. Up." it was her father.

"Dad?" she questioned.

"Yes Helena. But you need to listen to me and get up, now." she was told.

"But how do I get back into the labyrinth? I need to help them." she shouted. The shock had worn off.

"Just get out." she heard the sharp voice again.


She did as she was told, the second she was out, she felt a shift, almost as if it was going all the way to her soul. She felt dizzy, but once she opened her eyes - she hadn't realised she'd closed them - she was back outside the big oak doors.


*               *              *


She opened the doors and the first thing that caught her attention was Annabeth, Percy and Mark being held back in the corner. Mark looked like a true son of Ares with a determined look on his face. The entire room stopped and turned to look at her as soon as they heard the big oak doors open. His eyes widened when he saw Helena but a wave of relief ran over him the second he saw her. Kronos' back was to Helena and she knew he would know the instant she moved.


She unsheathed her sword and lunged the second Kronos turned around. She thought she'd make it to the middle of the back, but Kronos was one step ahead of her; her sword was between his index finger and his thumb.


"Ah, Helena. I was hoping you had fallen to your death. It's a shame that you didn't - but I won't lie - it is satisfying to know that I'll get to kill you myself." Kronos was towering over her, and his torso was just centimetres away from Helena's eyelashes.

"That's cute. But I don't think I really want to die today, y'know?" she turned, whipping her sword with her - leaving an ugly gash on Kronos' palm. The titan didn't seem fazed by the oozing gold liquid. His rage was too concentrated on Helena.

"Oh, dear. You do realise you are no match for me, yes?" Helena's stare continued to bore into Kronos. "Oh, look. She does! The young one believes she can defeat me! My, my, my young demigod. I am in no way threatened. I know you consider yourself a great warrior although - you look like a scared deer in the headlights. I may be more threatened had it been you brother Perseus, or that young son of Ares, or even the daughter of Athena. But you?" his laugh rippled across the walls and created a slight rumble through the ground.


Helena made no response. She unsheathed her second sword - Riptide had somehow made it to her back pocket when she found herself outside the great doors. Kronos wasn't expecting the second weapon but he could hardly pretend that he was less than thrilled.

"Well isn't that adorable?" he chuckled, gesturing for the others throughout the room to look at Helena.

Helena was sick of it. Sick of the 'how adorable' attitude Kronos harboured towards her. She wasn't a dog and she was certainly capable of fighting her own battles. The fact that Kronos branded her incapable of doing this made Helena somewhat irritant. When she lunged for his face, both swords in hand, he didn't quite comprehend what she was doing. She made two cuts across his head, one of which merely escaping his eye by millimetres. His hand clasped around her in pain. She thought she'd die - being squished in the palm of Kronos the titan. She slashed at his hands and he let go, as well as dropping the pinky finger of his right hand. He was so preoccupied with his missing finger that Helena was able to jump to the floor. A roll broke her fall and she was able to cut her three companions free.


She turned, only to be faced with dozens of angry faces. Including that of Antaeus and Kronos. For once, she wasn't afraid. She was more relieved - like it was easier to be happy with two friends and a brother on her side. Annabeth was first to step forward.

"Do not take us for granted. That Fleece is important to the saving of our Camp. Without it, many will die in the hands of you monsters. A very close friend of mine sacrificed her life for that Camp and without that Fleece, she may have to do it again. I realise this may be more cause for some of you to continue. But, there is a place on our side - the good side - if you want it. Our army is vast. We have the Gods on our side. But with your help, we could end this feud between the creatures and the Half-Bloods. We could end the feud between the Titans and the Gods. You could be a part of that. You could live in harmony with us. Your life and your family's life never to be threatened. You will never have to be a pawn in a game again. You can be you. You can be free. Your loyalties may lie with Kronos - but he has been to Tartarus and he is far from afraid to take any of you along with him. He cares not of who you are, but your use in a fight and how expendable you may be. We know each and every one of our army. Those that die are mourned every day. Not one is forgotten. If you change; if you come to the right side you could be remembered as a fierce warrior. A hero. Not a monsters with an incredulous body count. It's time it was ended for good." Her fast breathing was the only thing to be heard amongst the silence. Helena feared it hadn't worked. That Annabeth's best efforts were in vain. Until a minotaur came forward and gave them a nod of approval. Then a Cyclops did the same. And then a Hudred-handed One. And then most of the congregation of monsters until it was only Kronos, Antaeus and few others.

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