Child of The Sea

Helena Troy is a 16 year old girl who has known she was a Half-Blood since the age of nine. Unfortunately, her mother hadn't informed her of her godly father. During her time at Camp Half-Blood she discovers that she must go on a quest to save the gods. Will she save the Gods and the world? Or will the fate of the world tople to its knees in the hands of Helena?

{Please don't judge the book on the first few chapters... I was 13.}


35. It's all getting real

Helena saw Antaeus run straight toward her. She felt Mark's yes bore into her soul. She didn't look back. She'd rather they didn't say goodbye this way. He has to look elsewhere, at the rest of the room - to save the world from evil.


Her sword was up in seconds, swiping each and every way. She didn't look back - she was ready for the next fight. She heard Antaeus' screams but didn't reply, she didn't make eye contact with him. She was looking for Kronos. Looking to end the fight that he had started when he stole that fleece. Looking to end the relationship between the Greeks and the Titans for once and for all.


He was fighting someone - a once ally of his. She'd turned so many of Kronos' men against him that she wasn't even sure which ones weren't fighting on her side. She was half-way there. She was half-way to decapitating Kronos - but four Minotaur stood in her way, each one with the same look of killing as the other, and all with fire in their eyes only meant for one group - The Demigods. "So you're the one who thinks she can save the world." one chuckled (could Minotaur chuckle?)


"So similar to that other one. Who was it? A boy - yes it was a boy. Ah, the young Jackson boy." another added.

Another chimed in to the conversation, "Ah, that one" they were pointing towards Percy. "Siblings I've heard. It would be an honour to kill  you both." It was like the last one was waiting for their turn. Waiting, before they, too replied - "No, no young ones. That one over there is mine. He sent me Tartarus once. This one sent my sister. I'm afraid they're both mine." This one was bigger. Far bigger than the rest. It made Helena even more intimidated than she was already trying to hide. Somehow she managed to pipe out a "You wish. It would be my pleasure to send you back to Tartarus myself. Save my brother the trouble of doing it twice."


*                 *                  *


The slices of her sword rang through her ears. And each time it did so, another Minotaur came towards her. As she finished off the last of them, almost a dozen other came running towards her. She wasn't entirely sure she could handle killing them all. But she was sure she was going to give it a good go. As she turned, four Cyclops' were standing in front of her. She made a stance and moved backwards, ready for the fight that was inevitably coming. But, her sword didn't quite reach any of the Cyclops' heads - her hands were pinned behind her and she was held in place - the only thing she was capable of moving were her legs, and as cool as it would be to kick a Cyclops in its eye - Helena was fully aware that that would only aggravate her captor even more and before she could say Zeus, her limbs would be on each continent. She decided to stay calm - or at least as calm as she could be in that situation. She saw one of the Cyclops' come towards her, three other in tow - all armed with bats. This would hurt tomorrow morning - or it would, if she made it that long.


One by one, the Cyclops' took it in turns to smack her in the stomach with a bat. She was completely disarmed and she wasn't sure what else she could do. But the third round of gut-wrenching whacks, Helena noticed the fountain was still running - despite her earlier explosive idea. She saw Annabeth as she was on her way to somewhere else and saw her face go pale when she saw Helena. She mouthed I have an idea, but you may need to hold your breath a while. Annabeth's nod told Helena she was fully up for Helena's plan. She tried Percy next and saw Mark with him - they were back to back, fighting each new monster that arose - together. She made eye contact with Percy first, after the last of his round had died and Mark's eyes linked with hers almost a second later. The light in both of their eyes died when they saw Helena. She knew they wanted to help - Annabeth wanted to too - but they also knew that it would sabotage the whole Quest - and possibly kill them too. She mouthed at them both I've got it handled - just do me a favour? Hold your breath. With a quick glance to the fountain, the two were immediately on board.


She concentrated on the fountains flow, listening to the way the water the water was running. It was hard to do whilst having your kidneys collapse with a swift blow to the abdomen but she managed it. She was able to locate the water flow and block out everything else. Her hand could just about reach her sword - but it was time like these where she wished she had Riptide. She used all of the force in her body and somehow, she unleashed greater power than she knew she possessed and blew up the fountain, flooding the entire room. They water rose up to touch the ceiling and after a few minutes she felt her captor's grip on her arms loosen and go limp and she was able once again to reach her sword. Each one of the Cyclops' surrounding her went limp and turned to ash and she was free again. The water healing her as she swam to Mark, Percy and Annabeth.


Slowly, the water started to disappear back into the fountain and Helena was once again on her feet, ready to fight. Unfortunately, so was Kronos. And he had the fleece.

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