Love is harder, than you think

Noelle has been friends with him before his audition for X-factor. Then he's put into a group and his life changes. Noelle and him are still friends and stay in touch but what happens when he asks her to go on tour with them, and they realize that they're made for each other. The problem is he has a girlfriend and Noelle has a boyfriend. Will they fall for each other or will she fall for one of his band mates?


7. Chapter 7

3 days later

“Noelle are coming to our show tonight?” Zayn asked.


“No, it’s too early and I’m tried. Sorry.” I said against my pillow. Zayn laughed.


“It’s okay babe. I’ll see you tonight.” Zayn said pecking my lips.


“Okay. Have a great show.”


“Thanks. Oh yeah be dressed when I come home.” Zayn said winking at me as he heads out the door.


I smiled to myself. Since Zayn and I had that argument three days ago, we talked and decided that were going to take things slow. But were not labeling ourselves boyfriend and girlfriend. I’m fine with that right now but eventually I want to start dating. I laid still in bed thinking about how things have changed in almost a month. I broke with my boyfriend of three years, Zayn asked me to go on tour with him, I moved in with Zayn, I found out Perrie cheated on Zayn, Zayn and Perrie broke up, I told Zayn I love him, and now were almost close to dating. It’s been an interesting month.

I closed my eyes, rolled over to my right side and fell back asleep. After six hours of sleeping I woke up at noon. I got up from bed and made myself a bowl of Fruit Loops. I went into the living room with my Fruit Loops, sat down and watched Allan Carr. Allan had Little Mix as his guest. I rolled my eyes and changed the channel when I got an text from Doniya.


From Doniya: Hey Noelle I haven’t spoken to you in an while I was wondering if you’re not busy maybe you could come to Bradford to catch up. Xxx


To Doniya: That sounds great! I would love to come back home to see you, Waliyha, Safaa, and Tricia. Xxx

From Doniya: Great! We all want to see you too.


To Doniya: How about I come tomorrow?


From Doniya: Really?!?! Yes tomorrow is perfect!


To Doniya: Great I’ll see you tomorrow. J x


From Doniya: Okay see you tomorrow J x


After I seen Doniya‘s last text I got on my laptop and looked at what time the train leaves for Bradford tomorrow. I picked the time I would actually wake up for, I decided to leave @ 9:00 a.m. After I checked the time I close my laptop and went upstairs to start packing.


                             ~~~~~~~~~~~~~When Zayn comes home~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“Noelle are you ready yet?!” Zayn called from downstairs.

“Yeah hang on.” I said grabbing my purse. I looked myself in the mirror and smiled. I had on the dress Danielle got me and some red heels. I went downstairs and Zayn was right there at the end of the stairs.

                                                                       Zayn P.O.V

“Wow.”  I whispered. Noelle looks so beautiful. She always looks beautiful but when she dresses up it’s unbelievably how beautiful she looks.


“Zayn are you alright?” Noelle asked worried.


“Umm…yeah… You look beautiful Noelle.” Noelle blushed.

“Thank you. You look handsome yourself.”


“Thank you my lady. Are you ready to go to our first date?” I said sticking my arm out.


“I am.” Noelle said taking my arm.


We walked to my car and got in. I have tonight all planned out and I can’t wait to spend some alone time with her. I drove to one of the nicest restaurant in London.  We went inside and one of the waitresses led us to our booths.


“Wow Zayn this restaurant is really nice.” Noelle said looking around.


“Yeah it is, I wanted us to have the perfect first date.”


“Aww thanks Zayn but everything’s perfect when I’m with you.” I smiled.


“I’m really lucky to have you.”


“Yes you are Zayn, your one lucky guy.” Noelle said winking. I laughed.


“I sure am.”


“But really Zayn I’m the lucky one.”


“No I think I am.”

“No it’s me.”


“We could go on about this all night.”


“Yeah we could we better stop.”


“Hello I’ll be your waiter. My name’s Brian. What can I get you to drink?”


“I’ll have coke.” Noelle said.


“I’ll have coke as well.”


“Okay, I’ll be right back with your drinks.”


“Zayn you’re in London for your concert tomorrow right?”


“Yeah. Why?”


“I’m going to Bradford tomorrow and was wondering if you can take me to the train station.”


“Why are you going to Bradford?”


“Doniya texted me today and asked me to come. Is there a problem with me coming back home?”

“No. No. I was just wondering and yes I will take you. What time does the train leave?”


“9.00 a.m.”






“Here are your drinks. Are you ready to order?”


“Yes. I’ll have the chicken parmesan.” I said handing Brian my meau.


“I’ll have spaghetti. Thank you.” Noelle said handing her meau to Brian.


“Okay your meals are coming right up.”


“How was your show tonight?”


“Good as always love performing for the fans.”


“That’s good. Sorry again I didn’t come.”


“It’s okay babe. I understand you can’t come to all the shows.”


“I know but I can’t help but feel bad.”


“Noelle it’s okay.”


“Okay thanks Zayn.”


“No problem. So your staying with my family while you’re in Bradford?”


“Yeah I guess. We didn’t really talk about all the details, she just said she wants to catch up and that Safaa, Waliyha, and Tricia wants to see me.”


“Oh. Are you going to see any of your family?”


“I don’t know. I might go see my stepsister.”


“I’m sure Ashley will be happy to see you.”




“Well tell my family I said Hi.”


“Okay I will.”


“I really wish I could see them I miss them.”

“You will Zayn hopefully soon.” Noelle said smiling.


“Yeah hopefully.”


“Here’s your food. Hope you guys enjoy.” Brian said.


“Thank you.” We said and started eating.


After we finished eating we left and I drove to the park.


“Zayn?” Noelle said swinging on the swing.




“Thank you.”


“For what?” I said looking at Noelle in confusion.


“For this night. Matt didn’t really do this for me.”


“Well you deserve this night because you’re an amazing woman.”


Noelle smiled and pecked my lips.


“The stars look beautiful tonight.”


“It does but I’ve seen something more beautiful.”


“Really? What?”




“Aww Zayn.” Noelle said blushing.


“I thought Harry was the cheek one?”


“Everyone has those moments.” I said smiling. Noelle laughed.


“I guess so.”


“Well we better go so you can get some sleep for your long train trip tomorrow.”


“Okay.” Noelle said getting off the swing. We walked to my car and headed home.


“Do you have to start packing?” I said closing the door.


“No, I already packed while you was at your show.”


“Oh okay while I’ll see you in the morning.” I said giving Noelle a hug and kiss.


“Okay night and thanks again.”


“You’re welcome beautiful. Night.” I said heading upstairs to my room.


I changed in my night clothes, laid down on my bed and once my head hit my pillow I drifted off to sleep.


AN: I decided to update today since it's birthday. Hope you guys like this chapter. I don't think it was my best but hopefully you guys like it. I kind of feel like it was a filler chapter but thank you for reading have a nice day! :)























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