Love is harder, than you think

Noelle has been friends with him before his audition for X-factor. Then he's put into a group and his life changes. Noelle and him are still friends and stay in touch but what happens when he asks her to go on tour with them, and they realize that they're made for each other. The problem is he has a girlfriend and Noelle has a boyfriend. Will they fall for each other or will she fall for one of his band mates?


6. Chapter 6

I woke up to a sound of a truck backing up. I got up and looked out my window and seen Perrie and her brother Jonnie get out of the truck. Here we go.


“Noelle?” Are you up?” I hear Zayn asked from outside the door.


“Yes.” Zayn came in and sat next to me.


“I don’t want to see her.”


“You’re going to hide in here with me.”




“Elle do you think I’m making a mistake?”  Even tho I don’t like Perrie, if she makes him happy then I’m happy.


“In your heart does it feel right to leave her? I know you love her, but you have to remember she cheated on you.” I said.


“I know. I guess I just feel heartbroken”


“I’m so sorry Zayn.”


“It’s not your fault Elle. Please don’t worry about it.”


“How can I not Zayn I hate seeing you like this. I hate seeing the person I love so down and sad because of a girl that doesn’t care about him.” Did I really just tell Zayn I love him?!?!


“I- I didn’t know you felt way.”


“I know I did a good job of hiding it.”


“Yeah you did.”


“I don’t want this to be awkward now. I shouldn’t have said anything.”


“Elle it’s okay. I’m glad you got your feels out. Cause I just might feel the same way.” I looked up at Zayn.


“You do?” I asked confused.


“I’ve always loved you and I still do. Even when I was with Perrie I still had feelings for you. I love you Noelle.”


“I love you too, Zayn.” I said smiling. Zayn smiled back and started to lean in. I felt Zayn’s breathe get closer, and his soft lips finally touched mine. They were as soft as a feather and tasted like cherry chap stick. After a couple of minutes Zayn pulled back so we could catch out breaths. Zayn looked into my eyes and smiled. I smiled back.


“I’ve been waiting to do that for a long time.” Zayn said.


Me too.”


“So…Um…What are we now?”


“I don’t want us to rush into a relationship, because I just broke up with Perrie.”


“I understand. So does she have a lot of things to pack?”


No not really cause this is my flat, all she has is her clothes’, and hair stuff.” I nodded. 


“I’m hungry.” Zayn blurted out.


“Me too. I want some pancakes and bacon.”


“That sounds good.”


“Do we have some pancake mix & bacon?”


“Yeah I bought some earlier this week.”


“Sweet. I’ll fix us breakfast when Perrie leaves.”


“Okay.” Zayn said smiling


“Well if you don’t mind I’m going to get dressed.”


“Okay.” I got up and went to my closet. I picked my pink shorts and a white tank top with a pink cross in the middle.


“Is it okay if I stay here.”


“Yeah.” I said going into the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and got into the shower. After I had a nice hot shower and washed my hair, I got dressed.


"Noelle you got a text message."


"Okay thank you." I said going to my room and picking my phone up.


"It’s from Dani."


Dani-Do you want to hang out with El and I? x


Me- Yeah sounds great! J x


Dani-Okay pick you up in 10.


Me-okay see you then x


“I think she’s gone.” Zayn said looking out the window.


“Zayn I’m going out with Dani & El, I can’t make us breakfast I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you later.”


“It’s okay. You’ll just have to make me a buffet for dinner.” Zayn said smiling.


I laughed. “Sure.” We heard a car horn.


“Wow, she came faster then she said. Well, bye Zayn see you later.”


“Bye. Have fun.”


“Thanks.”  I said heading out the door. After I locked the door I headed to Danielle’s car.


“Hey girls.” I said closing the door.


“Hey Noelle we haven’t see you in forever.”


“I know. I missed you girls.”


“So what’s been up with you?” Dani asked.


“Umm…I… guess nothing. You?”


“Just been busy with dancing. That doesn’t sound convincing. What’s wrong?”


“Okay, you know how Zayn & Perrie broke up.” Dani & El nodded.


“Zayn and I kissed.” I said quickly. Dani & El eyes got wide.


“What?!?!” El said.


“That’s great. I’m so glad you guys finally are together.”


“Were not together… yet.”


“Oh, well I’m sure you guys will be together very soon.” El said.


“Yeah I hope so. So Dani where are we going?”


“The mall. We should be there in the next five minutes.”


“Okay. Do you girls have anything in mind you want to buy?”


“Well Liam and I are going on a date this week before he leaves for Ireland and I go to France, so I need you girls input.”


“Aww and what you’re going to France!”


“Yeah it’s for modeling and you’re going to France too with the boys.” Dani said pulling up to a parking space.


“I forgot about that. I’m excited cause I took French in high school.”


“Really. You never told us that. How long did you take it?” El asked.


“All four years.”


“That’s cool. You girls ready to shop.” Dani said getting out the car.


“Yeah!” El & I said getting out the car. We went inside the mall and went to Top shop.


“Dani this dress is so cute!” I said looking at knee-length black dress with a red belt.


“That dress is really cute. I think you should get it for yourself. For your first date with Zayn.”


“No, you should get it for yourself for Liam. You’ll look so pretty in it.”


“Aww thank you. I guess I’ll get it. Thanks Noelle.”


“No problem.”


“Guys how do I look in these jeans?” El asked.


“Those are really cute!” Dani & I said.


“I’m going to get these.” El went back to the fitting room.


“Are you going to try anything on?”




“Oh okay. This dress is really cute!” Dani said holding onto a cheetah printed dress.


“That dress is stunning!”


“I’m going to get this dress for our date.”


“You should Liam will love it!” Dani smiled.


“Dani are you getting that dress.” El asked pointing to the cheetah printed dress.




“It’s cute.”


“I know right. I’m going to get it.” Last first kiss started to play and Dani pulled out her phone.




“Yes. Okay I’m on my way.


“Hey girls. I’m sorry to cut our girl day short but I just got a call from my manger Nicky and I have to go to meet with her.”


Aww okay. I’m going to go pay for this then.” El said holding up her jeans.


“I’m right behind you.” Dani and El paid for their items and then we headed to the car. Dani dropped El off first then she dropped me off.


“Noelle I got this for you.” Dani said giving me the black dress with the red belt.


“Dani, are you serious?” Dani nodded.


“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” I said hugging her.


“You’re welcome. I got to go but I’ll see you later.”


“Ok bye.” I went inside Zayn & I’s flat and Zayn was lying on the couch watching T.V.


“Zayn I’m home.” Zayn looked up at me.


“That was quick.”


“Dani had to go to a meeting.” I said sitting down next to him.


“I still haven’t eaten. I’m hungry.”


“I saved you some pancakes, bacon, and eggs.” Zayn said. I got up and dashed to the kitchen. I seen the amazing looking plate of food in front of me and sat down and ate. People don’t know this but Zayn is actually good at cooking breakfast at least. After I finished the amazing breakfast Zayn made me I went back to the living room.


“Zayn breakfast was amazing. Thank you.” I said sitting down.


“I’m glad you liked it and you’re welcome.” I smiled and then my phone went off telling me I had a text message.


From Matt: I miss you babe. Xxx


I sighed.

To Matt: Then stop thinking about me.


From Matt: I can’t Noelle I love you. I’m sorry for everything I did to hurt you. I miss kissing you, talking to you, and you being in my arms. Please come back home. I love you.


To Matt: Stop Matt you need to get over me. I’m not coming back home.


From Matt: Please Noelle. You’re the women that I want to marry. If you don’t believe me I alright bought your engagement ring.


I looked at Zayn.


“What?” Zayn asked with an confused face.


“I-I think Matt just propose to me.” Zayn’s face changed to shock, hurt, angry, and worried? Is he really worried that I’m actually going to say yes.


“Zayn?” I said touching his shoulder.


“Wh-What did you say back?”


“I haven’t responded.”


“What are you going to say.”

“I don’t know Zayn. I’m in shock right now and plus I haven’t gotten over him. I still love him.”


“Are you serious right!?!? You’re really going to say yes to that jerk that continued to hurt you! Do you not remember our kiss and telling me you loved me?”


“Yes Zayn I do remember. Do you remember asking me to be your girlfriend? Huh? I didn’t think so!”


“I told you why I couldn’t! You’re not over Matt and I’m not over Perrie. We’re both not ready to commit to a relationship right now.”


“You know what Zayn I think you don’t really love me. You just want to get back at Perrie!”


“Are you serious right now Noelle? Every time I look at you, I fall even more in love with you! Even when I was with Perrie I would lay in bed every night thinking about you. I would constantly think to myself that you would never feel the same way. So when you told me you loved me it felt like my dream has finally came true. I love you Noelle Lee Miller.” Zayn said.


I couldn’t believe he just said that to me. I crashed my lips to his and felt nothing but love and passion. After minutes of kissing Zayn and I finally pulled back breathing hard.


“I love you Zayn Javadd Malik.”








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