Love is harder, than you think

Noelle has been friends with him before his audition for X-factor. Then he's put into a group and his life changes. Noelle and him are still friends and stay in touch but what happens when he asks her to go on tour with them, and they realize that they're made for each other. The problem is he has a girlfriend and Noelle has a boyfriend. Will they fall for each other or will she fall for one of his band mates?


5. Chapter 5

Zayn’s P.O.V.

                                                                 2 Weeks later

Today starts the first day of touring. In the past 2 weeks Noelle, the boys, and myself got the rest of her stuff from Matt’s flat. Noelle now lives with Perrie and I. I love having her live with us it’s really nice having her around when Perrie isn’t home.


“Zayn?” Noelle asked coming into my room. I looked up at her.




“Are you ready to go?”


“Yes.  I’m really excited and nervous.” I said getting up from my bed.


“I would be too. And thanks again Zayn for inviting me to go on tour with you guys.”


“It’s no problem at all. I’m glad to have my best friend on tour with me.”  Noelle smiled her gorgeous smile.


“I’ll help you carry your bags.”


“No it’s okay Noelle I got it. We need to get your bags first anyway.” I said.


“Well... I… Um... already have my bags on the bus.” I laughed.


“Well someone is excited.”  Noelle nodded her head.


“Like I said I’ll help you with your bags.” Noelle said grabbing some of my bags and headed towards the door. I grabbed the rest of my bags and followed behind her.


Paul was waiting outside for us. “You ready Zayn?” Paul asked taking our bags and putting them on the bus.


“More than ever.” I said giving Paul a smile.


“You guys can get on the bus; I can get the rest of the bags.”


“No it’s okay Paul I can help you.” Noelle said taking another one of our bags.


“Zayn will you get your friend.”


“Noelle, Paul said he can get the rest.” I said grabbing her hand and guiding her on the bus.


“Thank you Paul.”  Noelle said before she got all the way onto the bus.


“Hey guys!” The boys said.


“Hey.” We said. Noelle sat next to Harry. I sat next to Louis.


“Are you guys ready?” I asked.

“I’m excited and a little nervous.” Harry said.


The boys nodded in agreement. Paul came inside and sat down.


“We’re ready.” Paul said to the bus driver and we’re off to O2 Arena.


30 minutes later. We we’re at the O2 Arena.


“We’re here boys!” Louis said going out the door. The rest of us followed him. We went inside and got ready for rehearsal.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~After Rehearsal~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                                                      Noelle’s P.O.V

As I’m waiting for the boys, I went on my phone and got on Twitter. My timeline went crazy about something about Perrie and a guy name Wesley. I looked at the trends, #Perrie&Wesley and #PerrieCheatingOnZayn were trending. I clicked on one of the tweets there was a picture of Perrie kissing Wesley. How could she do this to Zayn! Zayn loves her so much; he shows so much affection towards her. How could she ask me if there was anything going on between him and I when she is the cheating one. How am I going to tell Zayn?

“Noelle, the show is about to start.” Zayn said. I quickly went out of twitter.


“Okay.” I said.


“Noelle what’s wrong.” I really want to tell him about Perrie but I don’t want to interfere with his performance. I’ll tell him after the concert.

“Nothing’s wrong.” I said with a fake smile.



“Let’s go.” I said hooking my arms in his.


“You can look from side of the stage.”


“Sounds great.”


“I have to go but I’ll see you later.” Zayn said and kissed my cheek.


“See you later. Have a great show.”




                                                     After the concert

“Guys you were amazing!” I said.


“Thank you.” Zayn said.


“You’re welcome. Um Zayn can I talk to you in the other room.”


“Sure.” We went into the other room and sat down I sighed. Here I go.


“You know when you came to tell me that the concert was starting.” Zayn nodded.

“Well… I was on twitter and I seen a picture of Perrie kissing a guy named Wesley.” Zayn’s face sadden.


“Are you sure it was Perrie?” I nodded.


“How could she do this to me.”


“I’m sorry Zayn”


“It’s not your fault.”


“I’m going to get on twitter.” Zayn said getting out his phone. I waited as Zayn scrolled through twitter.


“You’re right she did cheat on me.” Zayn got up and stormed out the door. I ran after him.




“Elle please. I need time alone.” I left him alone and went back to the boys. I sat beside Harry with my head down.


“Noelle what’s wrong?” Harry asked.


“I found out Perrie cheated on Zayn, & I just told him.”


“What! Perrie cheated on Zayn! I had a bad feeling about that girl from the start.” Louis said.


“Where’s Zayn now?” Liam asked.


“He stormed off and went outside.”


“We need to go find him.”  Liam said.


“No he said he wanted to be alone and when Zayn wants to be alone he needs to be left alone.”


“Boys & Noelle let’s go.” Paul said. We all got up and headed to the bus. When we got on the bus Zayn was already there.


“Zayn are you alright?” I said sitting down on his bed. Zayn got up from his pillow.


“I love her.”


“I know you do Zayn.”


“This is all my fault


“Zayn looked at me.” Zayn looked up.


“It is not your fault that Perrie cheated on you.”

“Sure.” Zayn said looking away. I sighed and got up.






“Thank you.’’


“No problem.” I said smiling.


                                                                 1 hour later

Zayn & I got home and Perrie was there.


“Hey babe.” Perrie said coming to give Zayn a hug.


“No.” Zayn said stepping back.


“Zayn what’s wrong.”


“How could you act like you didn’t do anything?” Zayn shouted.


“Zayn what are you talking about!”


“I seen a picture of you kissing a guy named Wesley.” Perrie looked shocked.

“Zayn what are you talking about I did not cheat on you. I love you!” I rolled eyes.


“Do you have something to say.”


“Excuse me?” I said.


“You heard me.”


“Look here you don’t need to be a witch cause you got busted.”


“Zayn I want her gone.” Zayn stayed silent.




“She’s not the one who needs to leave.”  Zayn said looking at Perrie.


“Are you kicking me out?”


“Yes Perrie I want you gone. It’s over.”


“You can’t break up with me!”


“I just did. Bye.” Zayn said going to his room.


“Tell him I’m getting my stuff tomorrow.” Perrie said going out the door. I know now that Perrie really didn’t love Zayn, she didn’t even fight for him or shed a tear.


















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