Love is harder, than you think

Noelle has been friends with him before his audition for X-factor. Then he's put into a group and his life changes. Noelle and him are still friends and stay in touch but what happens when he asks her to go on tour with them, and they realize that they're made for each other. The problem is he has a girlfriend and Noelle has a boyfriend. Will they fall for each other or will she fall for one of his band mates?


4. Chapter 4

The next morning I woke up to someone shaking me.  


"Noelle it's time to wake up."  I looked up and seen Zayn. He was wearing jeans, his "Cool kids don't dance" shirt, and a varsity jacket.  


"I'm up."  I said getting up and going to the bathroom.


"You have an hour to get ready."  Zayn called after I closed the bathroom door.


"Okay."  I said back. 


I brushed my teeth and got into the shower. While I washed my hair, I started singing "Little things."  When I'm done washing my hair I went to my room and got dressed.  I got dressed into my favorite skinny jeans and "Follow your heart" sweat-shirt.  I grabbed my bag and went into the living room.  Zayn was sitting on the couch watching T.V.


"I'm ready." I said, Zayn finally looking at me.


"Let's go." Zayn said turning off the T.V, getting up. When we got outside I notice Paul & the boys were here. Zayn pulled open the door of the van for me.


"Ladies first."


"Thank you kind sir."  Zayn smiled.


I got into the van with Zayn behind me.  I sat between Louis & Zayn, Liam was in front with Paul, and Niall & Harry was in the back seats.


"Hey Noelle." Louis said.


"Hey Louis. Are you ready to see your future Mrs. Tomlinson?"  


Louis smiled with a red face. I laughed.


"I'll take that has a yes." I said.


After 30 minutes of driving we finally got to Courtney's talk show. The boys got out of the car and all of them went to their dressing room.


"Elle you can stay in that room." Zayn said pointing to the room that is two doors down from their dressing room.


"Okay. Thanks."


I went in the room and sat on the nice couch. In the room there was couch's, a flat screen T.V.,   and there was a long table of food. Niall will enjoy that. After the boys got ready the interview started.


"Hello. I'm Courtney, and today on Courtney's talk show we have the amazingly talented One direction!"


Everyone clapped and screamed. The boys came out one by one, waving to the crowd. The boys sat down on the couch.


"Welcome boys." Courtney said.


"Hello!" The boys said back.


"How are you guys?"


"We're great. Thank you. How are you, love?" Louis said.


"I'm great. Thank you. So boys when do you start touring for Take me home?" 


"We start in two more weeks. February 25." Liam said.


"Wow that's coming soon. Are you guys excited?" 


"Yes we're really excited we love seeing our fans and even meeting new ones." Harry said.


"Your first show is here in London I heard."


"Yes it is." Niall said. 


"How long are you touring?" 


"9 months." 


"That must be really hard on you guys since you can't see your family as often as you like."


"Yes it is hard not seeing my family as often as I like. When my mom starts crying on the phone, it kills me hearing her cry and I have to end the call because it hurts too much." Zayn said.


Zayn is such a sweet, loving, and caring guy that's what I love about him. He loves his family so much and I know how much it hurts him. I continued watching the interview and then the question that always comes up is asked.


"Who is still taken?" Courtney asked looking at Louis.


"I am happily dating Danielle." Liam said.


"I'm with Eleanor."


"I'm still with Perrie." Zayn said. 


Ugh. I rolled my eyes. I'm not really a big fan of Perrie, I feel like she's using Zayn for fame.


"We're be right back after the break with One direction singing kiss you." Courtney said. The applauded and the boys walked off. Zayn came into the room I was in. 


"Hey, do you want to sit in the audience for the performance?"


"Yes I'd like to." I got up and followed Zayn.


"I have to get ready to perform. To get to the audience just go down the hallway, turn left and go through that door." Zayn said.


"Okay thanks. Good luck with your performance I know you're going to do great." I said hugging him.


"Thanks." Zayn said pulling back.


I walked to where Zayn told me to go and found a seat right on front. Strange? I sat down and waited for them to come back. 


"Welcome back to Courtney's talk show. I'm your host Courtney Hall. We have very special guest's today One direction. Right now they're going to sing Kiss you!"


The curtain open and the lights dimmed. The boys were standing there and the music began.


"Oh, I just wanna take you anywhere that like


We could go out any day, any night 


Baby I'll take you there, take you there


Baby I'll take you there yeah." 


Zayn sang. The boys continued to sing then it got to Zayn's next part.


"Oh, baby, baby don't you know you got what I need


Looking so good from your head to your feet 


Come on come over here yeah."


Zayn sang to me looking straight into my eyes. When the song ended I seen Zayn smiling at me. 


"That was One direction singing Kiss you, great boys. Thank you everyone for watching Courtney's talk show. Bye." 

After the show was over we all left and headed home. When Zayn and I got home Perrie wasn't there. This is the perfect time to ask him about the interview.

"Zayn?" I asked.


"When I went to sit with the audience, there was a seat all ready in front, I just thought that was strange?" 

 "I told Paul to get you a seat in front."

"Oh. Thank you."

"No problem." Zayn winked, walking to the kitchen.

Did he just really wink at me?

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