Love is harder, than you think

Noelle has been friends with him before his audition for X-factor. Then he's put into a group and his life changes. Noelle and him are still friends and stay in touch but what happens when he asks her to go on tour with them, and they realize that they're made for each other. The problem is he has a girlfriend and Noelle has a boyfriend. Will they fall for each other or will she fall for one of his band mates?


3. Chapter 3

"Noelle I'm going to get you." Zayn said and I ran even faster. "Hey Noelle." Harry said in front of me. "Hi Harry. Please move out of my way." I said. Harry walked closer to me and picked me up. "Harry put me down." I said hitting his back. "Here she is Zayn ." Harry said putting me down in front of Zayn. "Harry!" "Hi Noelle." Zayn said. I noticed he was hiding something behind his back so I stepped back into Harry. "Don't be scared of me Elle." Zayn said walking up to me, and wiping icing all over my face. Zayn and Harry laughed. Jerks. "Okay I'm done with this I surrender." I said holding out my hand. At first Zayn hesitated to shake it, but eventually did. "We need to get this icing off of our faces." I said. Harry whispered something into Zayn's ear. Zayn's face turned a shade of red. "Zayn are coming with me to the bathroom?" "Yes." Zayn and I went to the bathroom. We got a towel and I wiped the icing off my face." "Elle did I get all the icing off my face?" I looked up at Zayn and seen he still had icing around his nose. I shook my head smiling. I grabbed Zayn's towel and wiped his nose. "There." I said staring into his eyes.

While Zayn's looking back at me I notice he glared down to my lips. I got this suddened urge to kiss him. Noelle you can't kiss him he has a girlfriend. I thought to myself. Someone cleared their throat. We turned around and it was Niall. "Sorry to interrupt, I got to pee." "Sorry Niall." Zayn said walking out with a red face. I followed behind him with a red face as well. We walked in living room and sat on the couch. "Why are both of you red?" Liam asked. I shrugged. "So what else are we doing?" Zayn asked changing the subject. "Hey guys Paul just called and said we have an interview tomorrow, we have to be there by noon." Louis said. "It's an interview on Courtney's talk show." "Lou I bet you're happy." Harry winked. "Why?" I asked. "Louis has a crush on Courtney." Liam said. Louis face turned red. "Well she's a lovely girl." He said. "Yeah and you just happen to stalk her all the time." Zayn said. "I do not! I just have all her shows recorded." "Wow Louis, that's a little too much." I said. "Whatever." Louis said and Niall walked back into the living room.

"Niall we have an interview tomorrow, we have to be there by noon it's with Louis' favorite interviewer Courtney. Liam said. "Okay." "Elle are you ready to go? Perrie just called me, she's home now." Zayn said. "I guess." "Guys we're going home, I'll see you tomorrow." "Bye Zayn. Bye Noelle. Harry said. "Bye." Niall, Louis, Liam said. "Bye." I said back walking out the door. Zayn and I got into the car. I turned the radio on and "When I was your man" by Bruno Mars was coming on. I love this song. I turned the volume up and started to sing.

"When our friends talk about you all it does is just tear me down cause my heart breaks a little when I hear your name. It all just sounds like (oooooh) Mmm too young too dumb to realize that I should of bought you flowers and held your hand should of gave you all my hours when I had the chance take you to every party."

Zayn looked at me and joined in.

"Cause all you wanted to do was dance now my baby dancing but she's dancing with another man. My pride my ego my needs and my selfish ways."

"You really love this song don't you?" Zayn asked. "Yes. Why?" "Cause your really getting into this song." "Oh sorry." "You don't have to apologize. You sound really good and you put a lot of emotions in. I like that." "Thank you. I can't believe Zayn Malik of One direction said that I Noelle Miller sound good singing." I said dramatic. "Ha-Ha very funny." I laughed. "Hey, Elle remember when we were little and we used to sing together, and we would use our moms microphone's from their karaoke machine." "Oh my goodness yes! I should've of known that was your start of your career." Zayn smiled. "We have the best times together." "We do." We sat in silence for a minute.

Then I remember to asked Zayn what Harry whispered to him. "Zayn? What did Harry whisper to you before we went to the bathroom to clean our faces?" "Umm just the same thing he wanted you to do." Zayn said getting a little red. "He wanted you to lick my face didn't he?" Zayn nodded. I rolled my eyes shaking my head. I looked out the window and thought about when Zayn and I were looking into each other eyes. I felt like we were the only ones in the world in those seconds, I think Zayn did too. No one knows this but I've like Zayn since we were teens. I just try to hide it the best I can. "Noelle? Are you alright?" Zayn asked with a worried face.

"Yeah." I said noticing we were at his flat. I got out the car and followed Zayn. When we were inside Perrie was on the couch watching T.V. "Finally you guys are home." Perrie said. Zayn walked over to kiss Perrie. I looked away and went to my room. I got undress and changed into my pajamas. I laid down, as I put my head against my pillow my phone went off. I looked at it, it was Matt. I sighed. I opened the text. "I love you Noelle Aliesha Miller. <3" I looked at the text, then tossed my phone. I screamed into my pillow. "Noelle what's wrong?" Zayn asked coming into my room. "That I'm falling more & more in love with you." I said muttering under my breath. "What? I didn't hear you?" "Nothing. I'm fine Zayn. Thanks." I said smiling weakly.

"Please tell me Noelle I care about you." Zayn whispered. "It's nothing really Zayn. So did you need anything." I said changing the subject. "I was wonder if you wanted to go to the interview with me tomorrow?" "I would love to." "Great. I'll wake up tomorrow morning." "Okay night." "Night." Zayn said walking out my room. "Noelle can I talk to you?" Perrie said coming into my room. "Sure." "Is there anything going on between you and Zayn?" "No, why?" "I was just wondering?" "You really think Zayn would do that to you, he's better than that, you would know that if you really know and trust him." "So you think you know Zayn better than I do?" Perrie snapped. "I know without a doubt I know about him more than you do. You been with him for what less than a year and I've known him since he was born." I said snapping back. Perrie rolled her eyes and walked away. That's right I know what I'm talking about. I turned off the light and snugged into my bed and drifted off to sleep with a smile on my face.

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