Love is harder, than you think

Noelle has been friends with him before his audition for X-factor. Then he's put into a group and his life changes. Noelle and him are still friends and stay in touch but what happens when he asks her to go on tour with them, and they realize that they're made for each other. The problem is he has a girlfriend and Noelle has a boyfriend. Will they fall for each other or will she fall for one of his band mates?


2. Chapter 2

I woke up the next morning from the smell of pancakes and bacon.  I went downstairs and seen Zayn and Perrie eating.  "Good morning Elle."  Zayn said.  "Morning Zayn. Morning Perrie."  "Morning we made a plate for you."  "Thank you."  I said sitting down in front of my plate.  "Your welcome.  I'm going to meet the girls for an interview today so I'll be gone for the most of the day."        Perrie said.  "Aww I thought we could hang out today."  "Sorry."  "It's okay, I understand your busy."  I said.  "Well I have to go get ready now. See you later."  Perrie said pecking Zayn's lips.  "Bye."  Zayn and I said in unison.  "Are you ready for today?"  "Not really but I know it's got to be done."  "I can go with you if you want me to."  "Yes please."  After Zayn and I finished eating we both got ready to go to my flat.  "Elle are you ready?"  Zayn yelled.  "Yeah I'll be there in a second."

I looked myself in the mirror and sighed.  I'm really not ready to break up with Matt we've been together for three years.  But I deserve so much better like Zayn said.  I went out of my bedroom and walked to the door where Zayn was.  "Let's get this over with."  I said opening the door.  "Okay."  Zayn said following behind me. Zayn and I got in the car and was on our way to my flat.  When we got to my flat Matt's car was parked in the driveway.  "Do you want me to come inside with you?"  Zayn asked.  "No,but thank you."  "No problem."  I got out and took the keys out to open the door.  "Matt?"  "I'm in the kitchen."  I went to the kitchen and seen Matt was at the counter pouring some juice.  "Hey."  "Hey."  Matt said looking at me.  "Elle I'm sorry about yesterday I shouldn't have talked to you like that."  I rolled my eyes. 

Matt's saids this all the time but continues to do it over and over again when is he going to learn.  "You always say that. And you know what Matt I'm tried of hearing it. I'm sorry Matt but I'm done,its over."  I said stronger than I thought I would.  "Elle please don't leave me I promise I'll change and treated you better. I'm sorry please."  Matt said whispering the last part.  Why do guys always treat girls so bad in the relationship,then when you want to break up with them they act like there going to change and beg you not to leave them.  "No Matt I'm done.  You can have the flat and ill get my stuff when I can get people to help me."  "Noelle I love you."  Matt said coming closer to me and leaned his face closer to mine.  "I love you too, Matt."  Right after I finished saying that Matt lips were on mine. The way that Matt's kissing me right now with passion is the Matt I fell in love with.  I pulled away before I got to into the kiss.

Matt and I just stared into each others eyes.  "Please stay with me Elle."  "I'm sorry Matt but I can't."  I said backing away from Matt and headed towards the door.  Before I opened the door I had to tell him how I felt.  "Matt you really mean a lot to me and I had the best moments with you in these three years.  I won't ever forget that, I love you."  I said looking at Matt for the last time before heading to Zayn's car.  When I got into the car I did cry a little.  "Did it go okay?"  Zayn asked.  I nodded while I was putting on my seat belt.  "Can we please go?"  I whispered.  "Yes." Zayn pulled out the driveway.  When we were turning out of the neighborhood, I noticed Zayn didn't turn the way towards his flat.  "Where are we going?"  "You'll see."  Zayn said grinning.  I didn't say anything after that and just looked out the window.  When we arrived at our destination , I noticed we were at Harry's flat.

"Why are we at Harry's flat?"  I asked.  "I don't want to see you sad and crying all day."  Zayn said. "Thank you Zayn."  "That's what friends are for. Are you ready to go inside?"  "Yeah."  Zayn and I got out of the car, and knocked on Harry's door.  "Noelle!"  Harry said hugging me.  I giggled.  "Hey Harry." I said as Harry was releasing me from our hug and going to Zayn.  "Hey Zayn."  "Hey Harry."  After we all hugged and said our hello's, we went inside.  "Noelle!"  Niall, Liam, Louis said coming to hug me.  "Hey guys."  I said hugging all them in our group hug.  "As much as I love you guys and your hugs but you guys are hurting me."  "Sorry."  The boys said in unison and released me.  "What are we doing today?"  I asked.  "We can watch movies."  Louis said.  

"Or we could also cook some food or bake."  Niall said.  "You guys can watch a movie and I can cook you guys something if you would like me to."  I said.  "Yes please!"  Niall shouted.  "Okay, Harry may I use your kitchen."  "Yes you can Noelle, you don't have to ask."  "Thanks." I said getting up and going to the kitchen.  When I got to the kitchen I looked to see what Harry had that I could make.  I decided to make lasagna and make brownies for desert.  When I got the pan for the lasagna I heard someone walk into the kitchen.  I turned around to see Zayn.  "Hey I wanted to help you."  "Oh thank you but you don't have to."  "Elle I want to."  "Thank you."  "Your welcome so what are we making?"  "How does lasagna sound."  "Sounds great."  I beamed. "What do you need me to do?"  Zayn asked.  "You can put the noddles in the pan. Please."  

"Alright."  I waited for Zayn to put the noodles into the pan, then I put the pasta after it and we continued to do that until the pan was filled.  After I put in the pan of lasagna into the oven we started to make the brownies.  Zayn was mixing the brownie mix and eggs into the bowl while I was spraying the pan with Pam.  "I think I'm done Noelle."  I went to where Zayn was and looked at it.  "Yeah it's done."  I took the bowl and poured it into the pan.  Zayn came over to me grinning.  I looked at him with a confused face.  "What?"  Zayn put his finger under the bowl that was pouring the mixture and wiped it onto my face.  "Zayn!"  I yelled and Zayn just laugh.  "Zayn I'm going to get you back."  "We'll see about that."  Zayn said walking back to the living room.  I waited until the lasagna was done then I put the brownies into the oven.  "The food is ready!"  I yelled and Niall ran into the kitchen.  

"Well someone is hungry."  "What did you make?"  "Lasagna."  "Something smells good."  Louis said walking into the kitchen.  "Yeah it's Noelle and I's lasagna."  Zayn said.  "Team work."  I said high-fiving Zayn.  "This lasagna is so good!"  "Thanks."  "Elle here I got you a piece."  "Thank you."      I said going to the table and Zayn sat next to me.  "When is the brownies going to be done."  "Probably in a couple of minutes."  I said taking a bit of lasagna.  Niall was right this lasagna is good.  "Wow our lasagna is really good!"  "I know."  "This lasagna is great!"  Liam said.  "Thank you Liam."  While all six of us are eating are lasagna the alarm for the brownies went off.  "Noelle the brownies are done!"  Harry yelled from the kitchen.  "Coming."  I went to the kitchen and took out the brownies.  "Hey Harry do you guys want icing on the brownies?" 

 "That's a lot of sugar so yes."  Harry said smiling.  I laughed.  "Okay."  I take the icing out of the cabinet and that's when I got an idea.  I took a little bit of icing and put it on a spoon, then put it on my finger.  I put my hand around my back and went to the living room.  I walked behind Zayn. "Hey Zayn."  I said wiping the icing on Zayn's cheek.  "Noelle!"  I ran.  "I told you I was going to get you back!"  "I'm going to get you."  Zayn said running after me.  We ran around the living room and I seen Zayn was closer to me than I realized.  I felt Zayn's arms wrap around my waist.  "Gotcha."  Zayn said and then I screamed.  "Zayn let me go."  "Nope look what you did."  Zayn said pointing to his cheek.  "You did it to me!"  "Touché, but your getting this off my face."  "Noelle I dare you to lick that icing off of Zayn's face."  Harry said smirking.  "No!  I am not doing that."  "Chicken."  Louis said.  I looked at Zayn.  Zayn was blushing.  

"I am not licking Zayn's cheek.  "Why?"  "Cause it's weird!"  I say and cross my arms.  "I'll give you a cupcake."  Harry says and grins. "What kind? Show me it."  Harry goes into the kitchen then comes back out a few moments later with a vanilla cupcake.  "Come closer."  I say.  Harry steps closer, before he can stop me I snatch the cupcake and shove it in Zayn's face.  Zayn let's out a 'manly' squeak and I run away laughing.

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