Can we have just a tiny bit of forever?

This is my way of saying sorry.
This is my way of saying no.
This is my way of telling the truth.
This is my way to say.
I love you.


3. It doesn't matter. You'd stay anyway.

People think that when they have a boyfriend/girlfriend,

They have it all.

The answer is no.

Yes the word does contain the word 'friend' in it, but it's not the same.

They think their friends still be there when one day he/she is gone, otherwise they wouldn't be true friends right?

But sometimes, they've tried to hard. Sometimes they get tired. Tired of trying.

I'm going through this. Soon i'm tired. I'll try til the last part, but... Soon I can't handle it anymore.

Love for a man/woman can, in the end, not replace the love from a true friend.

I'm just so tired.


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