Can Louis Tomlinson really be Brittany's superman?


1. Morning Jog

**** Brittany's POV****
     I woke up Saturday morning and got out my clothes to go jogging like I did every morning. I grabbed a pink jogging shirt and some grey shorts with pink on them. I went into my bathroom and took a quick shower and brushed my teeth. I then walked through my tiny apartment to my kitchen where I grabbed a granola bar and threw my phone in my pocket. I stuck my headphones in and turned on some music. Maroon 5's DAYLIGHT came on and I walked out the door. 
     I looked at my pedometer that was on my waist and it showed the time. 7:00. I started jogging and occasionally running a couple blocks when I could have sworn I saw someone behind me. I didn't think much of it though. 
     As I continued walking, I felt someone grab me by the arm and spin me around. I started really freaking out. Before I could yell for help, my attacker punched me square in the jaw.
    I fell to the ground in pain and looked up with tears brimming my eyes. They pulled me up by my hair and shoved a rag in my face. It smelled like chemicals. I kept struggling and jerking my head away but then my senses were dulling and I knew that I was gone. I got dizzy and fell on my knees. 
      The rag the was lifted off my face. I felt very confused and looked up to where my attacker was. I was shocked to see him about 12 feet away getting the snot beat out of him by a couple of guys. 
     Once they had finished beating him up they jogged over to me and all I said was,
"Pl...please..don't...hurt..m...e." then I blacked out. 

****Louis' POV****
     I got off the phone with my girlfriend, or should I say ex- girlfriend now, and walked into the kitchen where I saw Liam sitting eating some toast. He had jogging clothes on and looked like he was about to leave. 

****Liam's POV****
     I sat downstairs and made some toast before my morning run.  I heard rustling upstairs where all the guys are. I figured it was Niall or something but then I heard Louis yell, " Fine Eleanor, were over!" Yikes. I can't say I didn't see it coming though. They had grown very distant the last couple weeks and I knew the storm was a coming. 
     He walked down the stairs and I turned to him and took a bite of toast. I shrugged my shoulders and he came to sit next to me. 
     "Sorry Louis, I heard what happened with you and Eleanor." I said.
     He sighed. "Yeah, it just kinda put me down. Oh well. So, I guess your going on your jog in a few minutes." 
     I nodded. Then an idea popped in my head. "Yeah, you want to join to take your mind off things?" 
     He nodded and said, "Just give me a moment to go get ready." I nodded. 

****Louis' POV****
     I quickly threw on some jogging clothes and ran back downstairs. We left a note for the boys saying that we would be back in like an  hour. 
     We headed out side and started jogging. We kept straight for about 5 blocks but then took a right turn and were shocked my what we saw. 
     A girl, who looked to be about 18 or 19, was getting kidnapped. The tall attacker had a rag to her face and we looked at each other and ran. We grabbed onto the attacker by his shoulders and pushed him away from her. She fell to the ground moments earlier. 
     Liam started punching him and I threw him on the ground for good measure. I probably broke the guys nose and Liam gave him a black eye and busted lip. 
     I ran over to the girl and I was barely able to make out what she said. It sounded like ' please don't hurt me'. Then she blacked out. 

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