One Direction Jr.

they come on stage darcy styles, lindsay horan, alex payne, dani mailk, and maradith Tomlinson. they start sing what makes you beautiful. this story is about one direction kids who from oldest to youngest are: maradith, dani, alex, Lindsay, then darcy the 5 girls went on the x-factor and became famous. this is they're story.


13. Chapter 8:

Maradith's POV: Me and the girls were walking to the cafe to sing again. When we got there we were stopped by a man in a back suit. "Sorry girls but you will need to come me." He said. "Who are you?" Alex questioned. "If you come right over here I will tell you." He said walking out of the small cafe. We followed him. "So who are you?" I asked. He smiled. "I work for Mr. Simon Cowell and he would love it if you would come by his office with me today!" He said. We were shocked. Why would Simon want to talk to us?! "Ok!" Me and the girls agreed. So we followed him to the car.      *skip car ride*

when we got there the man lead us to a HUGE office type room were we saw mr.cowell! "It's a pleaser to meet you sir!" Darcy said. "It's a pleaser to meet you girls too." He said. "So you may take a set. Now lets talk business, I have seen you girls preform at that small cafe and you remind me so much of your fathers, so I would love it if you would sign a record deal with me." After he said that last part we were shocked. I couldn't believe we would be famous!!!! "Of course we sign a record deal!" Lindsay said excitedly. "Wonderful! I will see you her tomorrow 8am sharp!" We gave him our thanks and walk out. "What just happened?" I asked. "We just signed a record deal with Simon cowell!!!" Dani said. When the man in the suit took us home he said, "And by the way my name is Jesse." We said good bye and ran in the house yelling for everyone to come to the living room so we could tell them the amazing news.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------guys I am SO SORRY i haven't updated I have been away and now my stupid computer is messing up. But here it is a awesome chapter. Thank you guys for being great fans and remember

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