One Direction Jr.

they come on stage darcy styles, lindsay horan, alex payne, dani mailk, and maradith Tomlinson. they start sing what makes you beautiful. this story is about one direction kids who from oldest to youngest are: maradith, dani, alex, Lindsay, then darcy the 5 girls went on the x-factor and became famous. this is they're story.


10. chapter 5

Lindsay's POV: its turns out Maradith was going to be ok. But the nurse wanted us to come to the hospital. Well that great news because we haven't seen her awake yet. so we all went to the hospital.

                                                                      *skip car ride*

Darcy's POV: we got there and the nurse said one person can go in first. So, I went after a big debate. when I walked in Maradith said, "Hey! How's my favorite 13 year old doing?" that surprised me. "Maradith? i'm 16 and your 19." I said slowly. "That cant be! I'm 16 and your 13!" she said. tears formed in my eyes. "Maradith whats the last thing you remember?" I asked afraid of the answer. "Um, my date with Clay." she answered. oh no, She and clay broke up when she was 16! this is bad. "Uh, I be right back." I walked out to talk to the nurse. "Did you find out?" she asked. "yes, she has memory loss." tears rolled down my cheeks. "You might want to tell the others" she said. I cant, the look uncle lou had when we told him about maradith, was heart braking. I shook my head. "I can't." I say. "Alright." she sighed. we went back to the group. the nurse told every one. then she walked away. The girls came up to me. Alex asked, "What did she say to you?" "she asked me how's her favorite 13 year old doing?" I sobbed. I can't believe Maradith has lost her memory.

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