One Direction Jr.

they come on stage darcy styles, lindsay horan, alex payne, dani mailk, and maradith Tomlinson. they start sing what makes you beautiful. this story is about one direction kids who from oldest to youngest are: maradith, dani, alex, Lindsay, then darcy the 5 girls went on the x-factor and became famous. this is they're story.


8. chapter 4

Louis's POV: this is not happing. this is not happing. that's all that went through my head as we raced to the hospital. when we got there the lady at the desk told me to go to room 80. we went there, we walked in and saw dani, darcy, alex, and Lindsay sitting in there. we all hugged them. then I said, "Where's maradith?" "they told us she probably wont make it because she got the worst of it. they said they'd try though." dani said through tears. I started crying. my little girl, might die. she's only 19! I just cant believe it. a doctor came in. " who is here for maradith?" he asked. me and gracie stood up. "come with me." he said. we went to a room. maradith was in a bed, she looked terrible. she scratches on her arms and face. I ran over. "I'm sorry maradith." I said. "I'm sorry."

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