One Direction Jr.

they come on stage darcy styles, lindsay horan, alex payne, dani mailk, and maradith Tomlinson. they start sing what makes you beautiful. this story is about one direction kids who from oldest to youngest are: maradith, dani, alex, Lindsay, then darcy the 5 girls went on the x-factor and became famous. this is they're story.


3. chapter 1

Maradith's POV: hey guys I'm maradith Tomlinson my dad is Louis Tomlinson. *beep* *beep* there's dad and uncle harry. " come on guys!" I yelled to my 4 cousin's and best friends. we got in the car. "hey girls!" uncle harry and dad said. "hi!" me and everyone else said. we drove to the flat. (yes we live in the same house.) we jump out and run inside. " hey guys!" my mom said. "hey!" we said. we got something to eat. then sat on the couch to eat. everyone came in and mum and dad stood up and got in front. " we have something important to say." mom said. "ok..." We said.  "we are going to have another kid!" mum said. I stared at her. I had been an only child for 19 years and now you come and tell me I'm going to have a sibling?! " wow..." I said. " just gosh..." I said I didn't know what to think. " Maradith? you ok?" alex asked me. "I'm ok just shocked." "its alright just think you'll be the only one us who has a sibling!" she said excited. "I know its just, just, wow. you know?" I said. " yeah I know." she said. " what do you think hon?" mum asked. everyone stared at me. " its just dang I mean wow..." said lost for words. " its alright." she said. I cannot believe I'm going to have a brother or sister....


ok I'm have a contest on names for maradith's sibling. just comment a name for a boy and one for a girl I will post the winners. good luck!

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