Miss Mackenzie

Jamie-Leigh Mackenzie is nothing special. Ok, her distant cousin is Ed Sheeran and they're quite close but... Nothing too special.


4. Chapter 4

We walked out from backstage, my black shorts and red top matching the boys red, white and black theme. I had one arm round Niall’s waist and the other round Lou’s as we went to sit down.

“Hello boys,” Gemma greeted us

They all nodded and the fans screamed their names.

“And Ed, you’re joining us today,” Gemma continued.

“And finally, you must be Jamie-Leigh,” She smiled at me. I felt Louis squeeze my hand.

“How are you related to Jamie-Leigh?” Gemma asked Ed

“Leigh is my second cousin,” Ed smiled.

“Don’t called her that,” Harry warned Gemma. “She almost shaved my head when I called her Leigh.”

All the boys laughed and the audience booed.

“And there has been some rumours about your relationship with Jamie-Leigh,” Gemma gestured towards Louis.

“Umm, yeah,” Lou murmured. We had all agreed now maybe wasn’t the best time to tell the world.

“Come on Louis, we’ve all seen the pictures,” Gemma coaxed

I slipped my hand under Louis black blazer and pulled him closer to me.

“Well, it’s nothing yet,” Was all Louis would say.

“Jamie-Leigh, are you into music?”
“Well, I play guitar, keyboard, a bit of drums, flute, fiddle, bagpipes and I sing occasionally as well,” I said, my old Scottish accent coming back.

“Wow, you kept that quiet,” Louis whispered in my ear.

"I didn't want you to know cos you might make me play," I whispered back.

"Of course I'll make you play, that's the point!"

"I hate to interupt your conversation, but we do need photos," Gemma grinned.

I posed for photos with each of the boys individually, for one with Ed, one with all the boys and I and one with all of us.

When we went back stage everyone told me how good I was on front of the camera, all I could do was smile. This wasn't a day I was going to forget easily. I went into the little room they had for me to change in and I had just got my jeans out when there was a knock on the door.

"Come in," I called and I heard the door creak open.

"Can I use your bathroom?" Lou asked as he closed the door.


"Cos with all the boys and Ed it's pretty busy in there," He grinned.

"Fine, it's through there," I gave him a kiss on the cheek as he walked past.

A few minutes later we had both changed and the boys were banging on the door.

"Let us in! Don't do anthing you'll regret!" I could hear them shouting.

I opened the door and they all ran in, picking me up and carrying me outside to the taxi. Louis and Niall crawled in next to me and the others got in the taxi behind us.

"So you play guitar?" Niall asked, grinning

"A wee bit," I replied.

"And you're Scottish?" Lou questioned me.

"Jeez, it's like the Spanish inquisition!" I laughed

"Answer me."
"Fine, yes, I am Scottish," I sighed.

"And that was a secret because?"

"Lots of people ask me to speak Gaelic, or sing in it, and I don't like that."

"Say something,"

"Hallo," I grinned.

"Thats not Gaelic!" Lou looked annoyed.

"It is!" I screeched

"You guys are so childish," Niall muttered as he grabbed a packet of crisps.

"And you are gonna end up so fat," I replied.



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