Miss Mackenzie

Jamie-Leigh Mackenzie is nothing special. Ok, her distant cousin is Ed Sheeran and they're quite close but... Nothing too special.


2. Chapter 2

I turned on the TV and saw the boys sitting on the sofa. I whipped out my phone and found Louis in my contacts.

What the hell are you doing on TV? xx

I watched as he took out his phone and red my text

Lou - An interview?? x

Huh? x

He snorted and everyone looked at him. Niall looked over his shoulder and red our conversation.

Niall - So you don't know we're famous? Nx

Stop messing with me Niall! x I replied

Haz - We're on TV and you're at home like a loner!

Soon all the boys were texting me. Louis put his phone to his ear and my phone began to ring.

"Lou what the hell are you doing on TV?"

"Wanna say hi to the crowd?" He laughed.

"What? No!" But he put me on loudspeaker.

"Everyone, say hi to Jamie-Leigh!"

"Hi Jamie-Leigh," I could hear the fans scream.

"Hey guys, look Lou, I gotta go now," I sighed and hung up.

"So, who is Jamie-Leigh?" The interviewed, Gemma, asked.

"She's Ed Sheeran's second cousin. We like to annoy her," Niall grinned.

Niall I hate you! x  I sent him a message.

"Oh look, here's a message from her," Niall smiled.

Don't you dare read it out! x

"And another! First she said 'Niall I hate you' and then she said 'Don't you dare read it out'. Oh dear, she'll break my arm," Niall put on a worried face and everybody laughed.

To right I will! x I smiled at his reaction.

Lou - Stop sending Niall threatening messages, it's not good for his mental health xx

I smiled and went back to my conversation with Niall.

Lou said you have problems Niall!! What are they?

Suddenly Niall jumped up and started hitting Louis.

"Calm down boys, now then, when can we get you, Ed and Jamie-Leigh here for an interview together?" Gemma asked.

"How 'bout next week?" Lou asked

I don't want to get interviewed Lou, please don't make me xx

Lou - Nevermind, it's settled now

But it's all scary

Lou - I'll protect you xx

I sighed to myself. I'll never win so why bother?

At the end of the interview the boys were asked to sing a song. They decided on 'Heart Attack', and dedicated it to me because "she will give us a heart attack one day". Too right I will!



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