On tour with One Direction

An average girl and her friends go to a One Direction signing and their lives change...for the better....


2. Stand Up

Harry's POV


She was amazing. Her eyes were a grey-ish blue colour and her hair was brown and curly like mine. Even though she had just tripped over and hurt her ankle a smile still lit up her face and she seemed quite happy. We spent a few moments just standing there until I took in what just happened. "Are you okay, is it broken?"  I asked. "Nah, just a little bit painful, I can walk, see?" she replied. I was still concerned for her. "Come over here and i'll check it, it could be dangerous going home" I said "Okay" she replied. I pulled out my chair that I sat on at the signing and took off her shoe. Her ankle was quite swollen and didn't look okay at all. The guys walked back in. They cam over. "You alright Harry? We noticed you didn't follow us back" asked Liam. "I'm fine, but this girl tripped over and hurt her ankle....guys meet, umm...." I stopped, realizing I didn't actually know her name. "Harri" the girl replied. I looked up and smiled. "Hi Harri" I said. "Can you stand Harri?" asked Liam. "Yeah, I tried" she responded, trying to get up. She fell over again and then tried to stand up but couldn't. "I think we should take her to the tour bus to rest her foot, she's obviously in no state to get home by herself" said Niall. Me and Louis picked her up and walked off in the direction of the bus. Then Harri's friends ran to catch us up. "Hey, wait up!" said one of her friends. "Where are you going?" asked another. "We're taking her to the tour bus to rest because her foot is really damaged and we can't let her go home like this" said Niall. "We'll go with you" said the first friend, staring at Niall.


When we got to the tour bus, we immediately put Harri down on the sofa. Non of us knew what to do in this situation so we just got her a blanket and a glass of water which she drank. She was more interested in getting to know me than her foot, which I actually found quite sweet. We talked for a while, about her, about me, she made me laugh, which is always a good thing, and I made her giggle a few times too. I realized after a while that we'd been talking quite a while and I should let her rest so I got up and went into my room. A few minutes later I crept out quietly to check on her. She was lying on the sofa fast asleep. She looked so beautiful in her sleep. I smiled at her, and I could have sworn, just then, that she smiled too.

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