On tour with One Direction

An average girl and her friends go to a One Direction signing and their lives change...for the better....


3. She's Not Afraid

Liam's POV


Harry has been acting kinda responsible recently. Ever since that fan called Harri hurt her foot he's been acting so protective of her. Her foot is better now and she is able to walk and is able to go home now, but Harry says there's no rush, besides, her Mum said she can stay with us as long as she wants. All 10 of us are kinda squashed into the tour bus. Me and Lou had to share the past couple of nights, and Niall and Zayn, to provide room for the other girls. I don't really mind though, besides one of them, Alex I think her name is, is really pretty and is quite a nice girl. She seems really innocent on the outside, but she's not afraid to step up to any challenge. We've recently challenged her to things like the cinnamon challenge and the chubby bunny challenge, and she's a pro. She's funny too. I would consider asking her out but we don't really know each other that well, plus with Harri possibly going home soon, who knows when or if we'll ever see each other again. 

I went through to the lounge, where Harry was sitting, talking and laughing with Harri. They seemed so cute together, they had so much in common and I could really see them having a future together. I really hoped they started dating. I smiled, turned around and bumped into Alex, knocking a glass of water down her by accident. "Sorry" I said, chucking her a towel. She started drying her dress, and said "It's okay, it's okay." I then went into my room for a second and gave her one of my tshirts to wear. "Thanks" she said, putting it on over the top. I got her a new glass of water, and got myself one, and sat down. She sat down next to me, and we started talking. She was so easy to get along with, and I discovered we had a lot in common. We talked for a couple of hours, until we realized it was quite late, "Night" I said, getting up and heading to my room. She smiled at me, and replied, "Night, Liam."

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