On tour with One Direction

An average girl and her friends go to a One Direction signing and their lives change...for the better....


1. Moments

Harriette's POV


I got home from school, ditched my bag and ran up to my room. I sat on my bed and looked at my massive wall of One Direction posters. I'm what you might call a Directioner. I know everything there is to know about the boys. I saw them in concert once and they were amazing, but that's the closest i've gotten. I really want to meet them but they're always too far away or or i'm busy. Everyday I check their website to see if they are doing a signing or anything near me, but no such luck.

Until now.

I opened up my laptop and checked their website, knowing i'd see nothing, but the flicker of hope inside me told me I should. There, I saw a signing for their Take Me Home album, next Saturday in London.

"Mum Mum Mum Mum Mum Mum!" I said. "What is it Harri?" "One Direction are doing a signing next Saturday in London and I really have to go! Please can I go Mum please please please?!" I protested. "Fine but you're not going by yourself" "I know, I was gonna take my friends anyway!" I said. I grabbed the phone and one by one called my friends Mia, Alex, Emma and Nicole to ask them to come with me. They all said yes and we start planning what we were gonna wear immediately. I was so excited.

The day came and we were ready, and had just got off the train to London. We walked to the boat which was the O2 Express and got on. In about half an hour we were there and we got off and ran inside. "Woah" we said seeing the long, winding queue ahead of us. "It's gonna take us hours!" moaned Nicole, seeing the length of it. "Nicole, we're gonna meet 1D! We can't back out now!" 

We waited and waited for hours until finally it was our turn. We stepped forward but  a security guard stepped in front and said "Sorry girls, but it's too late now, the guys need to get back". We couldn't believe it, we had waited for about four hours and weren't gonna meet them. We knew that if we protested we were going to cause trouble, so we decided to make our way out. As I stepped out though, I realized too late that the security guard's foot was still in my way, and tripped over. The security guard said sorry and immediately my friends knelt down and ask if I was okay. I saw feet make their way towards me, but thought nothing of it. Then I heard a familiar, slow, low voice say "Are you okay?" 

I looked up and saw a familiar face looking down at me with a concerned look on their face as they held out their hand. I took the hand, stood up and smiled.

I had finally met a certain Harry Styles.

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