On tour with One Direction

An average girl and her friends go to a One Direction signing and their lives change...for the better....


4. I Would

Nicole's POV

I just woke up, and for a few seconds I had no idea where I was, until I heard the noise of laughter, a loud thump, and someone saying ow. 

Then I remembered where I was.

I got up, took a hoodie out of Zayn's wardrobe (he said I could borrow anything I wanted to), brushed my hair, and walked into the lounge where the guys were helping Louis up after he'd hurt himself. I went and sat next to Zayn, who put his arm around me. "Oooh!" said Louis. "You two an item then?" 

"You could say that" replied Zayn. You see, although we'd only known each other a few days, we'd really connected, we got on well and it was like we'd known each other our whole lives, and it was obvious we liked each other so why not? And who was I to complain, I was dating a member of One Direction after all and that's every girl's dream.

"Maybe we'll follow in their footsteps eh Em? " said Louis, smiling and nudging my friend Emma, who blushed and hid her face in her hair.

"What time is it?" asked Mia, coming through yawning. "11am " I replied. "What?! It's still so early!" said Niall, walking in after. We all laughed. They were so alike, even their bed hair stuck up in the same way. "What?" They both asked.  We laughed even harder. "hey" said Liam. "Anyone wanna go out and chill?" 

"I Would, but I'm still so tired" said Mia. "We can get food on the way" said Louis. "I'm so there, give me five minutes!" said Niall, rushing back into his room to get ready. I laughed, grabbed my coat, and waited for the others to get ready for a day out with One Direction.


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