On tour with One Direction

An average girl and her friends go to a One Direction signing and their lives change...for the better....


6. I Wish

Alex's POV:


"What's wrong Al?" asked Emma, with a worried look on her face.

"Nothing" I replied.

"Don't give me that, Alex. I know when something's up. Now tell me."

I breathed in a deep breath to try and calm myself down, but it didn't work. I broke down in tears again, while Emma held me in a hug. Eventually I stopped, and decided I should try to tell her what was making me upset.

"It's Liam" I said.

"What about him?" she questioned.

"He doesn't appear to like me as much as you guys all like each other. It's just...you all seem to be hitting it off perfectly with your 1D soft spots and then there's me...stuck, alone...I finally get the chance to meet the boy i've dreamed about since the beginning and...he doesn't feel the same way. I Wish he did."

I cried again, as Emma patted my back and calmed me down. She didn't seem to care about the tear stains i'd wiped all over her favourite top. She was a good friend.

"You've nothing to worry about, Al. We all see it in his eyes. He's crazy about you. He's just taking a while to prove it. He will eventually i'm sure. I'll talk to Lou who can have a word with Mr Payne about his indirect approach. You have no need to worry at all. Now dry those tears, i'll help you reapply that makeup and we'll head back to the table, what do you say?" said Em, with a smile.

I smiled weakly back at her, pulling myself to my feet and reaching into my bag for my makeup remover. I dried up my tears, removed my mascara smears and Emma helped me reapply my makeup, covering up the redness from the tears. Emma also put on some extra makeup, so that she would have an excuse for taking so long when we got back. We walked back to the table, and I felt a whole lot better.



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