pretentious, but hardly caring

This really doesn't make sense.
I know it doesn't, but these are words that fell of my fingertips whilst i was on the train home from my grandmothers.
Perhaps there is some meaning to it, i'm not sure.


1. birdboned

Squatting in bodies unknown and unwanted, it breeds oh so

S l o w l y

Until there is nothing left but a scorched soul, and armor-plated skin.


The horizon sings above its head, as it sleeps and eats from within. It sits on the shoulders of the tallest oak, wallowing in consternation as its heart is pierced with words it does not understand.


The wind of time blows endlessly through the molten forest,

riding the post-atomic thermal trashcart.

Radiation wasteland, baron empty and raw,

Living in concrete jungles.


Carried home,

on the back of the beasts who buzz and whir like clockwork mice,

It knew a thing called love, where it was left unbothered and alone,

It was the same, as it ever had been, but it was the only one who has noticed not.


It wants to begin.

It’s counting, and be sure that it counts.


Distressful breath cascades down its throat,

It turns to water; perilous and thrashing,

And gazes upon the soul,

That flees the lunatic lyrics, falling from the mouth of the sun,

As it rises in the dark.

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