The boy next door

Stella is a normal 20 yearold who is starstruck when she sees the new boy next door.........


6. The doctors

It was quarter two one so we had to head of to Dr.Amelia so Liam, Louis and I headed out the door to the doctors. When we got to the doctors Amelia called us in straight away when she saw the agony Lou was going through. He had an Xray and she came back and said that lou had two broken toes. She put a cast on and said to be careful and to come back every week


Caitlins Pov

Wow Niall is so cute I hope he asks me out I really like him. 


Nialls Pov

Wow Caitlin is so cute I really want to ask her out. I need to wait for the right time.

Caitlins pov

Oh yeah  I just remembered Kellys having a party tonight maybe Ill ask him if he wants to come. " hey...." I was cut of by Niall who was about to say something. "Oh sorry but I just wanted to know if uhh uhh." Niall stopped "yes Niall. If I Uhh." "Maybe wanted to uhh go out with me." He finally spat out "Yeah sure what evs" I said. on the outside im like yeah tots being all cool and all that but on the inside im like eeeeeeeeee and screaming. "hey uh my friend Kellys having a party tonight and I was wondering if you guys wanna come." I announced to everyone " yaeh sure" everyone replied







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