The boy next door

Stella is a normal 20 yearold who is starstruck when she sees the new boy next door.........


7. party

Hayleys Pov

Caitlin and Stella are getting ready for the party while the boys are getting ready. Liam called denisse and he asked her if she wanted to come to the party. He was pretty tense until a broad smile reaching from ear to ear. He hung up pretty happy, so I asked him why he was so happy. He said that she said yeah sure and that she'd be there in 20 minutes.

when they arrive at the party the boys and the girls start drinking beer and shots so they decide to play spin the bottle and at the end of the night they headed back to stellas place to watch movies all night liam sits next to denisse stella sits next to louis nial and caitlin sit next to each other and harry and zayn sit next to each other while liam denisse are cuddling louis stella are also cuddling and niall and caitlin are cuddling they all end up falling asleep and next morning niall wakes up by the smell of food and yells i smell food!!!! he said by waking every one up and louis was in the kitchen making eggs toast and bacon with orange juice and they all start eating and they say yumm this is so good with a smile on their face 

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