The boy next door

Stella is a normal 20 yearold who is starstruck when she sees the new boy next door.........


2. Finding out

Louis pov

"Owwww!!!" I yelled as i felt a sharp pain grow inside my foot. Stella rushed beside me "are you ok" she said i could hear the worry in her tone. "yeah my foot just feels like something stabbed it. Oh and may i ask what your name is. My names Louis, Louis Tomlinson." "Stella, Stella Parks." She said mocking my tone."

Stellas pov

'OMG i recognise him hes from one direction i cant believe i didnt notice. just play it cool.' i say to myself "Oh i wondered were i recognised you from, your from that British boyband called one direction. Do you mind if I get a few autographs for some friends." "Yeah sure." He replied. I grab a notepad and a pen and bring them to him. He asked who to and i say one for me, one for my friend Caitlin and one for my friend Hayley.

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