The boy next door

Stella is a normal 20 yearold who is starstruck when she sees the new boy next door.........


4. A call to the doctors

Louis' Pov

Stella is so nice and beautifuli get lost in her eyes everytime i look at her. All of a sudden she bumps the radio and Titanium comes on and she starts singing " Ricocet you take your aim fire away fire away, you shoot me down but i wont fall i am titanium." She sings. My mouth drops and she asks if im ok i stay like this for a few seconds then Stella asks me again and I snap out of my day dream and I say,"yeah, your voice is beutiful its a true gift." She blushes and replies " Thanks my parents were proffesionals so i used to go with them on tour so thats why i live in the rich neighbourhood because my parents were very rich and last year my parents were in a freak plane crash that nobody made it out alive so I inherited everyhing because they didnt have a will. I moved here because Cait and Hayls live down the road and whenever I need help I go down and see one of them and their parents help me. like Caitlins very smart so she helps me with my home work because university gives you a lot more than in highschool. Hayley is like my everything else shes a cheerleader for Cheerfactor so she helps me keep fit. thats about it that you need to know about me. would you like me to call a doctor." '' yes please'' I reply. as she talks on the phone i wonder why i didnt get bored when she was talking. She comes back and tells me that my appointment is at 2. I ask her which doctor  I was going to see and she said it was her doctor, Dr.Amelia."She said if I had any cruches to give them to you. I think I have some in my room from when I broke my ankle a few months ago so I'll go get them." Stella exclaimed. As she went to go get the cruches my eyes fall to a Lamborghini gcoming up the street then I hear a knock at the door and Stella comes out and walks to the door.


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