Hiding from Love and the Murderer

Jo has a dark past. Her first love was murdered due to one silly mistake she made. But he didn't stop there. He was out to get anyone she loved until she would love him and agree to be his. Jo is forced to try and keep herself from loving anyone while doing her best to avoid this murderer. But when Sky Cullum comes into her life that proves to become difficult. Can she do it? Or is her life to always be hiding from love and the murderer?


1. One mistake


My name is Jo. Short for Jordan, but everybody calls me Jo, I insist on it. I have long dark brown, straight yet thick hair, piercing blue eyes, a small nose with freckles dancing across the bridge, and plump full lips. I'm 5'4 short, but not too short, skinny, only 100 lbs, and I keep to myself. I've always had a tendency to let people get too close too soon. I guess I have a lot of love and I give it away too freely. One by far meaning much more to me than others, Jason. I loved Jason. He treated me amazing. His flaws were few and his perfections were many. We never had a disagreement until one night when he admitted to me that he didn't like my family. A small thing to set off a disagreement but big enough to make me very upset. I tried to drown out my sorrow in a way stupid enough to put my life, and the lives of many others in danger for good. That one single night is where the problem came in. The problem to ruin my life.

I went to the first place I thought of, the place everybody goes to to get away from life. I went up to the bartender and noticed him peeking down my shirt. I winked at him and I slid him a good tip. Though Im only 16 he gave me a few drinks. I noticed a boy, maybe 18 looking at me from across the room. Neither of us looked away as he slowly came to approach me. "You look depressed sweetheart. What's your name?" "J-J-Jo-Jo." I replied taken by his deep brown eyes. He was tall in figure and muscular. He had a broad jaw and chiseled features with black messy waves across his head. "Jojo." He chuckled. "How about you come to my place tonight. I've never seen a girl quite as pretty as you and I'd love to make you mine." He winked. I nodded and smiled at the thought. Jason would flip if he saw this. Serves him right too, insulting my family.

He took my to his place and led me up to his bedroom. He ripped my clothes off of me and his off of himself before he pushed straight inside of me as I screamed out in pleasure. Jason was good, but not this good. We both climaxed at the same time before the man began kissing me all over and left a hickey on my neck. "Baby, you're all mine now, and I'm all yours." He whispered just above my ear causing me to freeze. I'm all yours. That was Jason's phrase to me. His constant reminder to me that he was mine and I was his. Jason. Guilt swept over me as I shot up and quickly gathered my clothes and slid them on. "Baby girl, where do you think you're going?" Said the boy with a slightly angered smirk. "I have to get home." I said quickly. "Whatever my love, let me take you?" He asked. "No ill walk myself thank you." I said before rushing out the door. Thankfully I recognized the area and I was back to me and Jason's flat in 10 minutes.

I opened the door to be immediately embraced in a hug. "Jason." I whispered gratefully as I breathed in his calming scent. "I'm so sorry darling. I didn't mean it I didn't. We can work around it but you mean everything to me and I love you." I was shocked. He just told me he loved me. "I love you too." I replied while holding him tighter.

It was then that I heard someone clearing their throat. Me and Jason broke apart as we peered at the front door. The boy from the bar was there. I gasped. "Jojo, darling, I thought you were mine? Who is this?" He asked. "No, that was a mistake. I'm sorry, but this is my boyfriend." I said to him matter of factly. "Not anymore." He said. I became confused as he pulled something silver out from behind his back. BANG. I turned and saw Jason fall to the ground blood pooling around him. He shot Jason. My boyfriend. The love of my life. "JASON! JASON! NO!!" I heard shrill laughter from the front door before it slammed shut. I called paramedics, but it was too late. He was gone. But worse than that was to come. If only I knew. That one mistake would change my life and me. I should've never left with that boy. 

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