my deja vu

a girl has a dreem and all her sadness and happiness comes true and even though she has been through it in a dream she does not know what to do


7. what happend1 month later

i woke up to the sound of my alarm so i went to get rachel up and then on my way into my room i get some striped leggings, some random pair of doc. martins and a white vest top and a light grey jacket.i walk into my room and place my clothes on my bed and went to have a shower and wash my hair after i had finished i put my clothes on and then brushed my teeth and hair. once i was ready i gragged my bag and went down stairs and got a slice of toast for me and rachel while waiting for her to come downstairs. "hello nice of you to show yourself rachel", i said as she entered the room. "oh am i late," she says sorrily. " about 10 minutes but any way who cares, lets go," i say trying to be enthusiastic. i give rachel her toast and we both walk out the building and start to walk to schoolbut we are stopped by someone saying " hey do you want a ride?" it was lois tomlinson and the rest of one direction oh no this better be good i think in my head, the next thing i know rachel blurts out" yes please," and starts walking over to the tour bus, i shout out to rachel " what are you doing" "getting a ride" she simply says," coming?" " no i can walk its not far" i say starting to walk " then if its not far, you will be on time," niall butts in " oh shit" i say " whats wrong?" zayn asks " rachel we are late, we need to go now" i say pulling rachel out of the tour bus "then lets get in we will arrive there quicker" rachel says " ok, but only cause we are late and we are going to the local high school" i say folding my arms " you guys should come to ours sometimes its amazing" rachel says to the boys " yeah that sounds nice, while we are in new york" harry says with a flirt. " yeah we should when would you like us?" liam asked " well are you free tonight?" rachel asks "yeah" louis shouts" oh we are here."he adds i grab my bag and walk out of the tour bus like a stroppy mare and go and find mia who is in my first lesson.
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