my deja vu

a girl has a dreem and all her sadness and happiness comes true and even though she has been through it in a dream she does not know what to do


4. school

when me and rachel got to our new school we were really amazed on how many people were nice to us. some of the girls told us that we belonged with the populars, so we went over to them. a girl came over to us and said " hey what are your names?" hey my name is chealsie and my friend is called rachel" i say. well nice to meet you, my name is holly and all my friends here well its hard to introduce you to all of them but my bestest friend is mia, mia was medium hieght about 5 foot 8 with bright orange hair with freckles everywhere showing like her arms and face. " hi mia nice to meet you," i said in a strong enlish accent. " very posh me and you i think will get on very well," she says walking away. " we will see about that," rachel says in a curious way i turn round and say to rachel in a strong harsh way as well as in a rude way" dont be so rude," then i roll my eyes. i look at my timetable and see that i have english next with mr bull, then i go over to rachel and see that she is in my next lesson and burst out," we are in the next lesson togerther yeah. she turns and looks at me in an amazed way then rolls her eyes in the other direction smiling,"yes but how do we get there we dont know our way around," rachel says to me. a boy with shaggy brown hair turns around and says, hi i couldnt help but over hear your lesson, but um, what lesson do you have next? rachel justs yells out " english with mr bull," i nudge her telling her not to be so rude he starts to laugh. me to what are your names? he says nicely and i say quickley before rachel has another erge to say something rude to him" i am chealsie and this is rachel."he starts nodding trying to act intrested." well nice to meet you both my name is ross well lets go to english. ross says quite chilled." what is english like with mr bull? i say trying to make conversation." well his lesson is boring accept we get to sit where we want and talk when the work is set, he said. "what even in a test?" rachel asked stunned." no dont be silly," ross says while laughing we all walk into the lesson a little late but he didnt care, i sat in the middle of rachel and ross at the back of the class room. rachel anoyingly nudged me and pointed at ross the whole lesson, some how ross didnt notice her but i was so glad that the day was nearly over with.
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