my deja vu

a girl has a dreem and all her sadness and happiness comes true and even though she has been through it in a dream she does not know what to do


3. on my way to new york

its a long way to new york and on the plane i sit next to rachel and we both see who can watch the most movies. i only watch 5 movies because i have to choose the longest movies, i watch the lord of the rings and then the hobbit im not really a girly girl and the i watch the secound half of breaking dawn my faverote one. rachel on the other hand watched lots of movies, both st trinians, new yeaars eve, valintines day and other movies like those. i had lost and all i could do is get her something she wants dame me why choose long movies. why are all the long movies the ones that bring me in.mind you rachel isnt that mean, is she? "prepare for landing"says the flight attedents. to me they always sound so unreal when they speak like that. i get out the wine gums from my hand luggage because i really suffer when the plane goes down i think my ears are going to pop. soon i feel a bump as we hit the ground thank goodnessthen the piolet makes an anouncement"if you could remain seated untill the saftey belt sign is off and the local time in new york is 11.30am. the saftey belt sign turns off and we all jump out our seats because my dad was in a hurry he needed to go to work and sadley for me, rachel, my brother and his friend we have to go to school.
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