my deja vu

a girl has a dreem and all her sadness and happiness comes true and even though she has been through it in a dream she does not know what to do


8. after school

after school the boys sadly came and picked us up and then took us to our house. i was really mad about this because i am the type of girl who hates those people that are loved, if that makes sense. as soon as we got there i let one direction have a chill at the spa, while i happily escaped up to my room and did my homework, only to be interupted by them all knocking on my door then louis saying " didnt think you would get away from us that easily, did you? " he looked like he was about to laugh but held it in." well" i begin only to find rachel eating an apple with a big smile in her face asking " what you doing" " homework," i say simply " but you never do your homework" rachel says, liam laughs and i just turn round and give him the evils telling him to stop laughing. then louis lifts up my homework to find me playing on my i pad he then says" really?" and then starts to laugh. i get up from my chair and then turn around and say " yes i was using my dictionary app to help me with words, i am getting to my gcse exams now" " we could help you"zayn says nicely " dont need help" " what are you going to do for a living" says harry " im starting my top model job tomorrow" " cool" niall says " we could help you with that?" i start to laugh when louis says that " its ok" i say once i caught my breath back" oh and rachel i am leaving school after lunch" " i'll be on my own in english!" " no you will have ross" " oh yeah, shall we all go and watch a movie how about up" " yeah, " we all say
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