my deja vu

a girl has a dreem and all her sadness and happiness comes true and even though she has been through it in a dream she does not know what to do


1. about me

 hello my name is chealsie and i am 15 and i am a normal girl from essex, not like in the only way is essex. i have a boyfriend called shaun. i have long curly hai not very curly though, i am 5 foot 10 and i am kind of tanned as well as very skinny.

my dad has just told me, my mum and my brother that he got offered a job in new york. he says thatthe job offers us a rich future even though i dont exactly know what he does.he also told us that he has found a school for both me and my brother. my dad has found us a huge house and i am aloud one of my very best friends to come and live with us in america, i choose the one and only girl that a girl can trust my friend rachel, she has in the middle of borwn and stawberry blode hair, 5 foot 11, very skinny and also not forgeting very pretty.

i text my friend rachel about everthing my dad has told me and then i ask the question,

hey rachel do you want to come and live in america with me we have a big house and also i would like you to keep me company. also there will be lots of fit boys around like olley or owen intrested?

oh hey i am but i will have to ask my parents i will ask and then i will get back to you lets just say around 10 minutes.


                                                                 10 minutes later


hey chealsie guess what!

what please tell me i need to know i'm dying inside

they said... yes! ahhhhhh!

oh my god thats great!

when are we going so i can pack to go?

uh well, well, next week, so better get packing!

ok well thats great i will see you next week bye!



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