Corpe and Bloor

On the rural islands of Corpe and Bloor the annual Fight Week is about to begin in which champions are chosen and lives changed forever. The Fight is between a champion from Corpe and a champion from Bloor. Girls are chosen as prizes for the man who is crowned the winner of the Fight. Faith Rathbone is the unwilling prize of Corpe and the life she had always known is tipped upside down in the form of Alec McFadden, the champion of Bloor. She must decide if she can begin to hope for a life on Bloor but leave her family behind. But her fate is not her own.


2. Bloor

The residents of Bloor are handsome. And that is probably an understatement.
          Unlike their neighbouring island of Corpe, Bloor is a very class society. For instance, the McFaddens and the D’Arcys are right at the top of the rich list, owning most of the mines on Bloor. Bloor has very poor land and soil, and so not many crops grow in the harsh and sparse landscape. Though this doesn’t bother the upper classes, for they are more interested in what lies beneath the ground.
          Under Bloor’s dry crust are emeralds. It is one of the oddities of the world, as to why there are so many emeralds under Bloor’s surface, but the rich don’t care. They import their stones over to the mainland, and in exchange, get food that the people of Corpe have never heard of. When it comes to food with the wealthy, there is nothing they haven’t tried.
          On Bloor, there are only the very rich or the very poor. The very rich live in grand houses and their children get proper educations and a safe, sustainable life ahead with arranged marriages, manners and money. The very poor live in slums that could house more than six families at a push. It is horrible to see the beggars that line the streets, cupping hands and looking up from their seats – or maybe homes – on the floor. The very rich try their best to ignore the very poor and starving people and most of them manage. Gradually, over the years, things have gotten worse.
          The Bloor boys all have pretty faces that look like it would be a real shame if their noses were crooked, or they had a scar down their face, but over the years, they kept getting stronger and stronger, until it was an even contest when it came to the Fight. They generally were the ones whose parents would be ecstatic if they won, because they would just be another jewel in their possession. In all of this, the boys merely become objects, names, and during the Fight Weeks, some even forget who they are.

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