Anoter day

Jenna chow is a regular girl, living the life of any directioners dream


1. Shan, Daisy and I

I sat down at the lunch table with my best friends, Shan and Daisy. We have been friends since the first grade. Shan was a party animal and Daisy was very into school work. I really dont know how we were put together as friends as me and Shan are the only normal teenage ones! "So, what you guys done today?" I asked, "Been slaved away by Mrs Finkle again" said Shan, "i thought the lesson was interesting" said you-know-who. "Well, anyway" i said, "speaking of being slaved away, are you guys doing the Slave Auction?" I asked. "You would have to touture me until i agreed to to that" ,Daisy said. "Well i guess we have some touturing to do then, dont we Jess?" Shan said to me with a hopeful look on her face. "No", i said, no we wont" 

i have known Daisy longer than i have known Shan and i know exactly what Dais is like, and for a fact, i am absolutely sertain that she would KILL me if i agreed to this. "Oh Shan! Dont make her do this! You know what she is like!" I said in almost a shout. "Ok then Jess, but if shes not doing it, you are."

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