Make it alright

Hope was a normal girl who was moving to England from Australia. But what happens when her parents are killed as soon as she gets to england and runs into one Direction? Will her life be the same or will the famous boy band give her another chance at life?


20. Worth a shot

Hey guyz. can you plzz do me favour and comment if you want me to update because not that many people have been telling me to update so if you could do that for me that would be awesome. thnx guys :)

~Jessie <3 Styles~


Harry's POV

I was lying on my bed looking through my photos on my phone to see i I had any of the two girls that i met this morning. There weren't that many of them but there were lots of me and another girl. I didnt think that she was a fan because there were so many photos of her and i rarely have any photos of fans on my phone so this girl had to be special.She was so beautiful that i should remember her. I locked my phone i thought about her. Where had I seen her before? Why can't I remember her? Why am I thinking about her so much? Just then there was a knock on the door. I snapped out of my thoughts and got back to reality. "Come in" i knew it was going to be Zayn, he had been checking on me since we met the girls. When the door opened i saw that it wasn't Zayn but it was the girl from the photos. "Hi Harry" she said queitly yet loud enough for me to hear. "Hey. Sorry but who are you? I dont remember meeting you" I could see her face drop when i said that. I felt so bad when i saw how sad she was. "It's ok, I think i can get you to remember me again. But I'm not sure" i thought she was nuts when she said that, but i had to remember her. I nodded my head. she walked over to me and sat in front of me on my bed. She told me to close my eyes and i did. I felt her put her hand on my cheek for a while.

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