Make it alright

Hope was a normal girl who was moving to England from Australia. But what happens when her parents are killed as soon as she gets to england and runs into one Direction? Will her life be the same or will the famous boy band give her another chance at life?


15. Trouble with the past

I couldn't tell anyone about the phone call because i knew that if i did they would tell me to call the cops and to not meet up with him but if i actually listened to them  they would be killed. I put my phone in pocket and everyone looked at me with blood-shot eyes and Harry held me in his arms and i held him in mine thinking it was going to be the last time i would ever hold me in my arms. I was so worried, i didn't even know how to get to the airport. I couldn't get anyone to drive me so i would have to get a taxi if i could get one at midnight. I told everyone that i was going to bed but as soon as i got to my room i called a taxi service and told i needed to be at the airport at midnight and they agreed to take me. At 11:55 i climbed out the window to get to the taxi. I got out just in time.

~skipping car ride~

I got out of the taxi and i got a call from Ally. "Hi" was all i could say. "Where are you? Harry went up to your room to check on you and you weren't there, hes really worried" I could tell she was too. "Look I can't tell you where i am or what I'm doing but if i don't get in contact with you in the next 48 hours call the police and tell them everything that happened today and ask them  if they remember Ellie and Robby Allen" and I hung up. I walked into the airport and saw it was empty but i could see someone walking towards me. Even though i couldn't really see who it was but i could tell that it was Bailey because there was no one else here. "Hey baby I'm so glad you came" I felt sick to my stomach when he said that. "I'm only here to protect my friends and my brother and my boyfri" he cut me off when I started saying boyfriend. "Woah woah woah. Boyfriend? I'm your boyfriend, with been going out for ages" i really wanted  to punch him in the face when he said that. "You've got to be kidding. You left me in an alley to die. How can you say that your my boyfriend after you did that?" I was seriously going to kill this kid. "That was two years ago. I can't believe that you still rememeber that and you're still mad about it" i couldn't take it anymore. He already knew what i could but i decided to show him. I closed my hands into a fist and opened them to show a fire ball in my palms. I placed my left hand on top of the fire so it would get bigger, when it was big enough i pushed it towards Bailey and it sent him flying across the room. He got up and ran towards me. I was about to make sure that he would never be able to get up when he pulled something out of his pocket. I squinted to see what it was but i forgot that he was running closer and closer. He tackled me onto the ground and got on top of me. He showed me that he had a needle in his hand and he stabbed it into my arm and drew some blood from it. I screamed in pain because of how rough he was being. Once the needle was full he put the needle in his arm and put my blood into him to get some of the chemicals into him. He got off of me and laughed "now you're not the only one that is powerful". He started to walk out of the the airport when he fell to the ground. I walked up to him and saw he was pale. I didn't want to help him because he didnt deserve it. He left me to die so I'm going to do the same. I crouched down next to him and whispered in his ear "I've been alive because i was in hospital to know how to live with these chemicals in my blood, whereas you have got no idea how hard it is to live like that. My dad even said that i was lucky to even be alive. You won't live to see the sun come up". I turned around to walk away to see if he was pulling any tricks on me.

~6 hours later~

It was 6:30 when something bright was shining. I looked over to see Bailey was in a ball of light and was getting higher off the ground. I hid behind a corner justt in case anything bad was going to happen to me. I watched to see Bailey explode like fireworks as he hit the roof. I walked out into the middle of the room and someone was unlocking the door. "What are you doing in here? How did you get in?" i didnt know how to answer so i ran to somewhere where i know how to get to.

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