Make it alright

Hope was a normal girl who was moving to England from Australia. But what happens when her parents are killed as soon as she gets to england and runs into one Direction? Will her life be the same or will the famous boy band give her another chance at life?


6. Out with (most of) the old, in with the new

Tonight the guys decided that we should have a movie night, they decided coz i didn't leave my room. I got a text from a number that i didn't know. 'Come downstairs and watch a movie, you also need to choose whats for dinner coz we're all hungry :) ~Louis. How did he get my number?  I walked out of my bedroom to find that the house was massive and that it wasn't a house, it was a mansion. I went down stairs to find that i didnt know where the guys were. I walked around for ten minutes and i gave up. I called Louis to ask him for help. "Hello! Are you not coming downstairs?" he asked a bit worried but i couldn't help but giggle. "No i am downstairs but i don't know where you are or where i am" as soon as i had told him that he just laughed. "Ok i know how to help you find us. Turn the volume all the way down on your phone." i did what he told me not knowing what was going to happen. All of a sudden i heard two different voices yell some random stuff. One kept saying Superman and the other kept saying 'i want Nando's'. I followed the voices until they just became echoes. I turned the volume on my phone back up to tell Louis i was lost even more. Him and someone else kept laughing. It was a joyful laugh and he was laughing like there was no tomorrow. "Ok where are you? What can you see?" "I can see the kitchen and a beach." I was loving and hating this mansion more and more. Louis had ended the call and i could hear him yelling Superman as he was running towards me. When he did see me, he grabbed my hand and dragged me into a cinema room. It had a massive TV in the wall with a big, colourful sofa that everyone could sleep on (which i think is what the guys are going to be doing and they're going to make me sleep in here as well). "Woah. This room is awesome. I'm gonna need to know how to get here from my room." i was still amazed at the room. There was even a popcorn maker, slushy maker and a cotton candy maker. This was now my favourite room. "Well first we need to eat. What do you want for dinner, the others have gone out to get dinner but we decided to let you choose since we don't know what you like to eat" as soon as Niall said that only  one thing popped into my mind. "PIZZA!!!" I hadn't had it in ages and it was my favourite. Louis texted the guys to tell them to get a bbq chicken pizza, a cheese pizza and a hawian pizza all in large and that the other three could just order what they want. As soon as Louis sent the text i was getting a phone call from an unknown number. "Hello?" i asked waiting for the person on the other line to answer. "Hey cupcake, hows England?" a girl said. it was one of my best friends from Australia, Rosie. I missed her so much. We had been best Friends for years and we tell each other everything. She was also friends with the populars so i knew that she would be fine in Oz. "Hey Rosie, it's awesome. well at least since this  morning its been awesome. I'm living in a mansion!" she screamed as i finished that sentence. After she finished screaming i heard another familar voice. "Hey Hope you got room for two more people? Me and Rosie wanna visit" i knew that that was my other best friend Ally. She was one of the funniest people i knew. She could light up a room, leggit if she was in a room full of people sleeping and it was pitch black, all she had to do was laugh for the the lights to be turned on to tell her to shut up. I missed her laugh, it was so contagious. "Hi Ally. Do you guys really wanna come up? I think we have enough room just let me ask." i was getting excited. "Hey Niall, do we have two spare bedrooms? My friends Ally and Rosie wanna come and visit but knowing them a visit is more like living here." i said hoping the last little bit wouldn't make him say no. I put on my best puppy dog face just to make sure he would say yes. "Yes Hope they can stay here as long as they want. By the way, what's your twitter name?" "Hopexoxo" (not a real twitter name(i think)). He typed in my twitter name as i told the girls that they could live with us. We talked about when they could come up when i heard Rosie scream. "Rosie what was that about? I've nearly gone deaf" i said trying to sound annoyed. "How do you know one direction and more importantly how could you not tell me and Ally that you know one direction?" i was shocked. How did she know that i was living with the guys? Then i looked over at Niall and he gave me the puupy dog look. "It was just one picture and you looked so cute princess" i couldn't help but blush, then i remember Rosie and Ally. "Sorry but i can easly make it up to you both." i said as Niall gave me a 'what are you doing look?' "How are you going to make it up to us?" they both said at the same time. "You guys are going to live with me and the guys. But theres one rule, you are not allowed to fangirl in front of them and you can not be flirty all the time because knowing you two, you will go absolutly nuts when you see them" i said trying not to laugh knowing that it was true. I knew the girls well enough to know that they weren't going to listen to me. Just then Zayn , Liam and Harry walked in the door with six large pizzas, two crates of coke and three shopping bags of lollies. Then three girls that i automatically knew walked in the door. I told Ally and Rosie that i had to go and that i would call them later. I hang up on the call and walked over to the girls. "Hi Perrie, Danielle and Eleanor, i'm Hope." i said very excited because i was so happy to meet them. "Hi Hope, i guess you already know who we are." Perrie said laughing a bit. I smiled she was really nice and i was guessing Danielle and Eleanor were too. After getting our food and drinks we sat down and watched movies. I sat inbetween Niall and Harry while next to Niall was Perrie then Zayn, then Louis, then Eleanor, then Liam and then Danielle. When we were up to our sixth movie i fell asleep with my head on Niall's lap and my feet on Harry's. I was happy i fell asleep on these two ;)



Hey guyz thnx so much for reading i really appreciate it. could you guyz plzz give me feedback that would be awesome. i'll update tomoz i promise. thnx so much for reading ~Jessie <3 Styles~

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