Make it alright

Hope was a normal girl who was moving to England from Australia. But what happens when her parents are killed as soon as she gets to england and runs into one Direction? Will her life be the same or will the famous boy band give her another chance at life?


10. Old friends, New family

Harry's POV

I woke up about 11 o'clock and saw that Hope wasn't in my arms any more. I looked around the house trying not to wake the guys when i realised Niall was gone too. Just then i phone started ringing, it was Hope. "Hey Hope, where are you? I've been looking for you every where" i must've sounded really worried because she kept saying sorry. "Sorry Haz but Niall took me to meet his parents and one thing lead to another and we are on our way home from the court house" as soon as she said that i wanted answers. "What happened? Why did you have to go to court?" "Relax Harry it's fine. We'll be home soon ok? We'll explain everything when we get home but right now can you go and wake the guys up and tell them to get dressed?" i needed to know what was going on. "Ok. Cya soon, bye" "Cya." I didn't know what was going on but i knew that i was going to find out soon. I went into the cinema room because thats where we all fell alseep last night. I jumped on the sofa and yelled to wake the guys up. "WAKE UP BOYS!!! HOPE WANTS YOU GUYS UP AND DRESSED!!!! GET UP NOW!!!" I knew that the guys were going to be mad at how i woke them up but i didn't care, Hope said to wake them up and i did. "What's going on Haz? That wasn't nessecary" i could tell Zayn wasn't a happy chappy. "You guys need to get up and dressed. Don't ask me why just do it" they all did what i told them and we waited for Niall and Hope to get back home.

~Half an Hour Later~

Hope's POV

When we got home i had a massive smile on my face. I had just been adopted. I can't believe it, i am now Hope Horan. Now we just have to tell the guys. We walked in and i could already see Harry running towards us. When he got to us he picked me up and spun me around, all i could do was laugh, i felt so loved. When he put me down everyone was starting at us weirdly. All i could do was laugh but Niall coughed to catch my attention. I stopped laughing and went to stand next to Niall. "Everyone, i have an annoucment. I would like you to meet my new little sister Hope Horan. But if the court asks her name is Jess Horan" i laughed a little at that last bit he said. I wasn't allowed to tell the court that my middle name was my first name so i told them my full name. The guys were shocked at what they hear, i could tell by their faces and they were funny. I decided that the guys could talk to Niall about what they just heard. "Ok well i'm hungry so Niall, Zayn, Liam and Louis, you guys can go get lunch while me and Harry wait here because Niall can't fit six people in his car and i don't wanna be lonered while you're gone" the guys laughed and then argued about who was goingto sit where. I was getting a headache so i pushed all four of them out the front door and slid my back down the door a bit and i closed my eyes. Just at that moment Harry wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me up. I opened my eyes and wrapped my arms around his neck and stared in his eyes. They were so green and sexy i couldn't help but stare at them."Wanna go watch a movie? Cause that gives me a reason to hold you" all i could do was nod because he had me in a trance. He grabbed my hand and led me to the cinema room. He picked out a movie while i made some popcorn. As soon as the popcorn was finished i put it in a bowl and sat down next to Harry. He turned the TV on and i saw that he put 'The Grudge' on. Throughout the movie i buried my head into his chest and when we were half way through it i kept telling him to turn it off while i had my head buried into his chest. He laughed and turned it off. I looked at the TV to make sure that he was telling the truth and when i saw the TV i saw that the screen was black. I pulled my head off of his chest and onto his sholder. I was about to fal alseep when i realised he was kissing the top of my head. I looked up at him and he just smiled. I closed my eyes for awhile because i was so tired when Harry started kissing my lips. I kissed back and our lips moved insync. He pulled me onto his lap and we managed to not break apart while he did. When i was on his lap he started to lick my bottom lip but i ignored it just to tease him. Out of nowhere i heard someone scream. "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!" Me and Harry both jumped and fell off the sofa. Just then all of guys came in and started asking questions. Louis was about to answer them when i stopped him "me and Harry were wrestling over the remote because i want to watch TV but he wouldn't let me and Lou must've screamed because he thought Harry was goingto hurt me." The guys seemed to believe and i gave Louis a 'You better keep your mouth shut' look and he nodded. At that moment my phone started ringing and i answered within three rings. "Hello?" "Did you forget about us? I hope not" i knew it was Rosie. What did she mean 'Did you forget about us'? "What do you mean?" "I'll give you a hint. Two people still need to move in with you and they are at the airport waiting for you" now i knew what she was talking about. "Oh now i know what you're talking about. Ok i'll be there in half an hour, Cya" "bye." I couldn't believe that they were really in England. I grabbed Louis arm and told him to drive me to airport, he nodded and got his keys and told the guys we'd be back soon. I went up to Harry and told him that i would talk to him tonight and me and Louis left.

~Skipping Car Ride~

When we got to the airport i went inside to find Ally and Rosie. I looked everywhere when i realised i was standing in the same spot that i was standing in when i saw my parents had died. I looked over and there were red stains on the floor. I let a few tears fall but i wiped them away when i heard my name being called. I turned around to see Ally and Rosie running towards me with their bags behind them. I ran up to them and they both picked me up and spun me around since in Australia i was one of the shortest in my grade. They picked up their bags and we walked to the car, they kept telling me about everyone in Oz and how they were acting differently without me. I was shocked to hear that someone i knew (but i wish i didn't) was doing the unexpected, well i expected it anyway. We got to the car and put their bags in the back and we hopped into the car and drove off.

~Skipping Car Ride (again)~

When we got home the girls were shocked to see a huge house. "This place is better then my trashcan at home" i laughed at what Ally said. She would always say she lived in a trashcan because she always thought that she was poor but the truth was that Rosie was rich. I told the girls to go upstairs and unpack. When htey closed their bedroom doors i ran to find the guys because i had to warn them about the girls and what they're like. I told them how they were crazy in love with them and that if they act weird then to tell me. They came down and i introduced everyone. "Rosie, Ally, this is Louis, Zayn, Liam, Harry and my big bro Niall" i smiled when i said Niall was my 'big bro' because i know that i still have a family. "Wait, did you just say that Niall is your big bro? How did you get your parents to put you up for adoption?" All of the guys looked at me with worried looks but i gnored them. "Ummm... they kinda got uh murdered when we got here and ummm when i ran away from the airport i slept on a park bench and Niall brought me here." I could see that Rosie and Ally were nearly in tears. We're so close that my parents were like theirs and their parents were like mine. They came and hugged me, i let a few tears escape from my eyes befre Liam tried to cheer everyone up "why don't we go and watch a movie? And i could call Dani, El and Perrie to see if they want to join." We all agreed. We made popcorn, Cotton candy and Slushies (even though its winter) and we all laughed at the movies. When we watch Marley and Me Rosie cried into Niall's sholder and i kept my head on Harry's lap as he played with my hair.



Hey guys the next part of this chapter will be a new chapter and soon you will also find out a bit of Hope that you didnt se coming so make sure you stay tuned. Also i don't want to keep calling you 'guys' so if you come up with a new name i will give you a sneak peek of what happens next. kik me @ JessieBear_Rox if you come up with something. thnx 4 reading. comment 4 an update ~Jessie <3 Styles~

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