Make it alright

Hope was a normal girl who was moving to England from Australia. But what happens when her parents are killed as soon as she gets to england and runs into one Direction? Will her life be the same or will the famous boy band give her another chance at life?


8. Hope Horan?!?!?!

I woke up to someone shaking me awake and saying my name very quietly. "Hope. Hope wake up princess" i heard Niall say. I opened my eyes to see Niall shaking me awake, i also felt strong arms wrapped around me. I looked up to see Harry was holding me in his arms while i was asleep. Something about being in his arms just felt so right and i could help but remember our kiss from yesterday. Then i remembered Niall woke me up. "What is it Niall? I like sleeping so this better be important" i sounded annoyed, because i was. Usually if someone woke me up i wouldn't be very nice at all becuase i've lost some sleep time. "You need to go get ready. You're meeting my parents because they want to know what you're like and if they like you or not" Niall told me. I was worried, why did his parents want to meet me? If he likes me in a boyfriend/girlfriend then things would be very akward with me liking Harry. "How long do i have to get ready?" i asked nervously, he knew i was nervous so he tried making me feel better. "We'll leave in an hour and don't worry i know you like Harry but my parents really want to meet you." That had calmed me down a bit, i went upstairs to have a shower, get dressed, do my hair and make up and clean my teeth. I figured that i would have breakfast on the way or when we get back home. When i was ready i saw Niall was ready and on his phone. I made sure that I was quiet because i knew that the other guys were alseep. I walked down stairs trying not to make a sound eventhough the guys were usually awake. When i was standing in front of Niall he put his phone in his pocket, took my hand and we walked to his car.

~Car Ride~

Most of the car ride we didn't talk, we just listened to the radio. I waited for a song that i knew so i could sing becuase i haven't stopped singing since i was little. Finally Wings by Little Mix came on and i knew how the rest of this car ride was going to turn out like. When the music started playing i got ready to start singing.

Mama told me not to waste my life

She said spread your wings my little butterfly

Don't let what they say keep you up at night and if they give you shh...

Then they can walk on by

My feet, feet can't touch the ground and i cant hear a sound

But you just keep on running up your mouth yeah

Walk, walk on over there cause i'm too fly to care, oh yeah

Your words don't mean a thing

I'm not listening keep talking all i know is

Mama told me not to waste my life

She said spread your wings my little butterfly

Don't let what they say keep you up at night

And they can't detain you

These wings were made fly-y-y

And we won't let nobody bring us dow-ow-own

No matter what you say it won't hurt me

Don't matter if i fall from the sky

These wings were made to fly...

~Skipping the rest of the song~

As soon as the song finished Niall turned the radio off. "I didn't know you could sing" he said sounding really shocked. Eventhough i haven't stopped singing i have really bad stage fright and i can't sing in front of certain people. I couldn't sing in front of my parents but i could sing in front of the girls in the same cabin as me when i went to camp. "Yeah but i can't really sing in front of people 'cause i have stage fright and i can only sing in front of certain people. I could never sing in front of my parents because they were too close to me but i could sing infront of any other family member" i explained to him how much i did love singing and it was always my dream to be a singer for a career. When i looked at Niall i could tell he was up to something.

~At Niall's parents house~

I was so nervous about meeting Niall's parents, i still didn't know why they wanted to meet me. We walked straight into their house. They were really nice and they really wanted to get to know me. Just as we were walking out the door they both said 'yes' out of nowhere, and i didn't know why. When Niall started driving he turned to me to ask me something. "So do you like my parents?" i was getting a bit worried. "Yea? Why?" "Because they want to adopt you. That's why they wanted to meet you and that's why when we walked out of the house they both said 'yes' because they want you to be their daughter. But if you don't want to be adopted then they won't force you to let them adopt you." As soon as i heard that all i could say was "When's the adoption?" "Whenever you want" "Lets go now!"



Hey guyz thnx so much for reading my story. Soz i didn't update earlier i wasn't home for the weekend but i back and i'm gonna keep updating (if you want me to). thnx for reading xoxo

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