Make it alright

Hope was a normal girl who was moving to England from Australia. But what happens when her parents are killed as soon as she gets to england and runs into one Direction? Will her life be the same or will the famous boy band give her another chance at life?


2. From the start

"HOPE WAKE UP. WE'RE LEAVING IN AN HOUR!" i heard my mum yell from downstairs. Today was the day that i was moving to England.  I can all ready see it, snow in winter, rain nearly everyday (at least thats what i heard) and being in the same country as the London Eye and Big Ben. I couldn't wait. I went to go have a shower to freshen up and clean my teeth because i couldn't be bothered eating breakfast. When i hopped out of the shower and got dressed i packed the last of my things and put them into the taxi. Mum and Dad were still inside finishing. When they came out we left.

~ Skipping car and plane ride~ 

4 hours later we landed, we got out of the plane and we went to go and get our bags. When we were getting close to the door we turned around because we heard gun shots and people screaming. We saw three men dressed in fully black running with guns in their hands and being chased by police officers. I could hear the officers yelling "GET THE CHILDREN OUT OF HERE NOW! WE HAVE MASS MURDERS IN THE BUILDING! GET THEM OUT NOW!" I turned to my mum and dad and they were telling me to run as the three men were coming closer and closer. I did as i was told and i ran as fast as i could. I was just about to run through the doors when i heard two more gun shots. I turned around to see my mum and dad lying on the ground lifeless as a pool of blood was forming. I ran from the airport in tears, not knowing where to go or what to do. The more i ran the heavier my suitcase got. I had been dragging it with me so i would still have some clothes when i was able to get changed. It was starting to get dark and i knew that i couldn't keep walking for much longer. I walked for a little bit more when i saw a park with a bench. I decided that that was where i was going to sleep tonight. I made myself as comfortable as i could and tried to go to sleep. Knowing what my day was like it wasn't going to be hard, but there was something telling me that my life was going to change forever, and for the better.

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