Make it alright

Hope was a normal girl who was moving to England from Australia. But what happens when her parents are killed as soon as she gets to england and runs into one Direction? Will her life be the same or will the famous boy band give her another chance at life?


14. Explaining

When we got home i knew everyone was going to ask me questions and i knew Ally and Rosie would be able to answer some but I didn't want these questions to be asked. When we got inside i ran out to the beach and stood on the sand to buy me some time. After a while, Rosie came out and hugged me and stroked the back of my head. "They're all worried about you. You need to tell them what's going on because if he comes and gets you they won't know what's going on or why its bad" I nodded and followed her inside. Everyone was sitting in the lounge room with worried looks on their faces. I sat down in between Ally and Rosie and they told me to tell them. "When I was living in Australia my dad was a scientist and at that time i had a boyfriend" I said trying to control myself. "One day i was kicking a soccer ball in the hallway and it went into my dads lab. So I walked in to find it and I was standing next to a shelf that had a sign on it saying 'HARMFUL TO HUMANS'. When I was looking at the chemicals an earthquake struck making me fall right next to the shelf. I woke up to find myself laying in the chemicals that were on the shelf and my dad saw me and I was beginning to blackout when he started yelling my name." I started crying when I saw my dad in my flashback. "I woke up hours later in hospital with my dad saying to my mum that the chemicals could've killed me and that I will never be the same after today. I went home two days later and found that my dad was right. That night i was in bed and like anyone else i tried to reach for my phone without getting out but I couldn't reach, I tried harder and i shot my phone off my desk and it went behind it. I got a teddy and i stood a fair away and pointed at it and the teddy burst into flames. I told Rosie and Ally about what I found out and they told me not to tell anyone else. I should've listened to them because when I told Bailey he started to act weird after i told him. I thought that i could trust him because he was my boyfriend so i kept telling myself he wouldn't hurt me but I thought wrong" now I was really crying. "About a week later he took me into an alley and made me show him my scar where the chemicals were. When I did he pulled out a knife and cut over my scar but all he could see was blood. He cut my other arm, then my leg then up the right side of my stomach an he still couldn't find anything. When he gave up and ran and left me in the alley and i closed my eyes and i thought that i was going to die because of how much blood i lost that night. I woke up in hospital and the doctor said that Rosie and Ally donated some of their blood to me after they found me in the alley. If they didnt donate some of their blood to me i wouldn't be here and if they didnt find me i wouldn't be here" I looked up and saw that everyone else was crying. I looked over at Harry and i could see he was really worried about me especially now that Bailey knew where i was. He could see the fear in my eyes and came over to me and wrappers his arms around me. Just then my phone started ringing. I looked to see who was calling me and it was a blocked number. "Hello?" I was scared to know who was calling me. "I thought I got rid of you two years ago" now I really was scared. "Clearly you didn't because im still here" I saw everyone looking at me with worried faces. " I will find you and your friends and i will get rid of every single one of you. If you call the police i will hunt you down. To keep your friends safe you will meet me where my brother and his friends killed your parents" those words were the worst words I'd ever heard. "Meet me at midnight tonight and come alone" and with that he hung up. 

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