Make it alright

Hope was a normal girl who was moving to England from Australia. But what happens when her parents are killed as soon as she gets to england and runs into one Direction? Will her life be the same or will the famous boy band give her another chance at life?


11. Are We or Aren't We?

Before Niall put the next movie on i had to gey out of the room so i could talk to Harry alone. "I'm going to bed, i need to sleep in my bed at somestage" i thought that that was a pretty good excuse. "Ok goodnight. Make sure that you actually go to sleep instead of staying on your phone all night" i could tell Niall knew me really well because i always go on my phone when i'm in bed. I slapped Niall on the arm and hugged everyone goodnight, when i hugged Harry i whispered to him to go upstairs in ten minutes then knock on my door then go to bed and nodded. I went upstairs and waited until Harry knocked on my door.

~10 Mins Later~

I was nearly asleep when i heard a knock on my door. I knew that it was Harry because once they knocked i could hear footsteps walking away from my room. I got up two minutes later and walked into Harry's room. When i walked in i saw him under his bed covers watching TV. "Hey beautiful, wanna watch TV with me and i promise i won't make you watch the grudge" i could tell he knew that i was still scared of the movie because i soon as he said that i relaxed a bit. I walked into his room and got in his bed. When Harry siad he wouldn't make me watch 'The Grudge' he meant he would make me watch the first one because he put on 'The Grudge 2'. Throughout most of the movie i had my head under the covers and grabbing onto Harry. When the movie was over he turned the TV off and i grabbed onto Harry a bit tighter as the room was completly dark. "You scared babe?" i hit him lightly on the arm. I put my head against his chest and i could hear his heart beat and i could feel his chest going up and down. He wrapped his arms around my waist  and i wrapped my arms around his neck. "So what did you want to talk about?" I could tell he was going to ask me that at somestage during the night. "Ummm... i need to ask you something, do you like me, as in like like me?" I was really nervous because i liked him a lot and if he didn't like me in that way then i would've just given my hopes up for nothing. Before he answered he took a deep breath, that made me even more nervous because that usually means bad news. "Yes i do like you. I told Niall when we walked out of your room that day we met you. I knew that i had to make you mine but i couldn't tell you because i was scared that you wouldn't feel the same and i we were stuck together with the sticky tape and when i was looking in your eyes i realised how beautiful you really are and when we kissed i felt sparks and i could see fireworks. I really like you Hope but i think it's more love than like." When i heard Harry say that i couldn't believe my ears. He just said that he loves me and knowing his past with his ex girlfriends i knew that he wouldn't try to hurt unlike some people but maybe he doesn't want to hurt me because he doesn't know what i'm capable of, trust if you get to know me better you will find something that you won't believe. I knew i could trust Harry but only if i don't show him all of me. I knew that i had to tell Harry how i felt because he really opened up to me and now i had to do the same. "I know you think that i don't feel the same but i do, and i'm not just saying that because you said that you like me, i really mean it. I love you, with all my heart" i could tell Harry was smiling when i said that. "I love you too" he said before kissing my lips. When we pulled a part i put my head on his chest and closed my eyes, but when i did all i could see was The Grudge. I knew how to get the thing out of my mind but i couldn't show anyone this, at least not yet. I knew i had to put up with it until i knew the guys better or until  i was alone with Rosie and Ally and we aren't out in public. After about five minutes of thinking i fell asleep in Harry's arms.

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