The War Of No Hope

Every tyrant has to start somewhere. Especially the most terrifying and violent ones. This is the story of how one became one, and fell from grace at the same time...

Book 1 in the Chalson Chronicles. All rights reserved. Cover designed by Literia Lia.


9. Yellow Ties And Purple Dresses



I barely slept that night. When you've got your own crowning tomorrow, who would? Silvanus had annouced it while I was out, so when I returned no one could stop staring. Nothing new but still freaky. Once I'd finally got back to my apartment, a dress bag was draped over a chair. There was a small note on it, reading: For the Master Wizard only. Not to be opened untill the second of June. I knew it was from Rasco and that he'd only done it to piss me off. Just wait untill he sees the outfit I've picked for him. But that all seemed like a million years ago now as I sat at a new dressing table, sticking the final pin in my hair. Even I wanted to look good today. My dress was a rich purple silk gown and was decorated with trillions of black diamonds. It shimmered in the light as I moved over to a also new mirror to inspect myself. The dress fitted like a glove; Rasco must of done the measurements. The door flung open and a ginger haired figure stormed in. This is going to to get interesting.

"What the fuck am I wearing?" It snapped at me. I had to bite back a laugh.

"Nice to see you too Rasco. Thanks for being so supportive and helpful today," I replied cooly, smiling at him. What he was wearing actually looked quite good on him. A bright yellow tie hung tightly around his neck, infront of a red shirt and green trousers hugged his legs. I'd chosen it myself.

"You chose this bloody outfit just to tortue me didn't you?"


"You're crueler than I thought."

"Got a problem with that?"

I slipped my hands in to the back pockets of his trousers and smiled up at him.

"Nope," Rasco smiled down at me, his hands around my waist. Guess I was forgiven then. He kissed me lingeringly and moved over to a open window.

"But the tie and trousers are going out the window."


I sat in the main hall, listening to the Guild leaders droning on about something. Well, maybe not listening. More trying to look interested. Rasco had been telling the truth earlier; the tie and trousers had actually gone out the window. He was sat next to me with no tie and black trousers. I fingered my necklace nervously and glanced down at Alix. Her coat had been  brushed untill it shone and she was lying next to Kylar, Rascos wolf Famaliar. The whole of Winterbrook had turned out for today and they stood infront of me like a massive sea. My seat was right at the back of the hall, on a raised platform with every important person seated around me. Raven was just behind, skaing slightly in her deep blue dress. I guess this is a pretty big day for her aswell. Aral was just a few feet away from me, her blood dress barely covering a thing. Slut. She seemed to sense me looking at her and turned to face me, smiling. A snake Famaliar slithered over her shoulders. hissing at me. I could feel Rasco shuddering beside me. Whether it was seeing Aral or the snake, I wasn't sure. He's as scared as snakes as others are vampires.

"And now we come to the part you've all been waiting for," the Head of the Natural Guilds, Vivenne, voice rung out loud and clear over the silent crowd, "The crowing of the new Master Wizard."

I leaned forward nervously, waiting for my name. Rasco clasped my hand and squeezed it; heseemed just as bloody nervous as me.

"And the new Master Wizard is," Vivenne dug around inside a hidden pocket in her dress and pulled out a piece of crumpled paper.


No-one could hid their shock. I sat, stuck to my chair in anger and dismay, as my 'sister' strutted up to the stage. What the fuck! How, in the bloody names of Saulaf, did she get my crown?! Why the fuck had Silvanus given it to her?! I could feel everyones eyes on me, full of sympathy. As if I need shitty sympathy right now. Aral sauntered back up towards me but no-one was looking at her. Thank bloody Saulaf. The little fucking queen would of made them blind. Vivenne had taken back control and was saying something to the crowd, but I was too furious to listen. As Aral passed by me, I jumped out of my seat, despite Rasco trying to hold me back. I grabbed her arm and yanked her towards the door. Pushing her roughly in to the first room I saw, I slammed the door shut behind us. The little twat is so going to get it.

"You bitch!" I screamed at Aral. How dare he! How fucking dare she!

"You talking to me, hun?" she plonked herself down on a sofa and bit in to apple. If my looks could kill.

"Yes, I am you bitch! You Hexed Silvanus so he would give you my title, little witch!" my face was about the same colour as her apple. She was so please with herself that even being called a witch didn't faze her. Fuck her.

"And?" she smiled at my shock and anger, "The carts don't go where you live, do they honey? I'm the Master Wizard now, sweetie, so I can do whatever Iike. Starting with banishing you from Winterbrook and the Order," she smirked at me, clearly enjoying herself. Is it possible to hate someone more than I hate her?

"You can be the Master 'hun', but you still need Silvanus's approval to kick me, bastard," I shot back. My 'sister' may have me title but I'm not leaving the Order. No way on this fucking planet.

"And she has my approval," a voice spoke up. I whipped around to face it and immediately wished I hadn't. Silvanus.

"Aral tells me that you were planning a assaintion against me," he said, pacing towards me.

What are we going to do O?

I don't know Alix

You don't know?!

No, I don't. Now shut up!

I could sense the foxes longing to bite me, but I ignored it. My mentor was now only a few inches away from me, his grey eyes piercing me skull.

"Aral had the idea of turning your plan around. How would you like to be killed, Miss Averies?" he muttered in my ear. I darted around him and sprinted out the door.

This is your plan?!

Shut the fuck up!

I raced up to my room, my chest burning like Eternal. I could hear shouts from below, but I only ran faster. A few words chased me up the stairs, 'kill' and 'Opeh' echoing all around. Fuck. Grabbing a bag, I shoved my things and some weapons  inside it and ran for the bedroom door.

"Freeze!" Arals guards shot ice from their hands at me. Shit. Fire flew out of my own hands and sent them tumbling down the stairs. I looked around frantically for a escape. The window! Yanking it open, I pulled Alix over to it and pushed her out. Her face would of been funny if we hadn't been in so much danger. Taking one last look around the place, I jumped. All I can say is thank Saulaf for stunt training. I only just avoided breaking my neck.  As soon as I was down, we raced off down the hill towards Granld. How the hell did I get here? Untill half an hour ago, I was just a normal (ish) Wizard. I must of broken a record for how quickly my life got screwed up. Why couldn't my sister be like a normal big sister? She could of been, but, no, I have to get the one who's Eternal bent on making my life a misery. The one who steals my title, tried to steal my boyfriend and kicks me out of my own home. Why, for the love of Saulaf, do I always get stuck with the shittest people possible? What have I ever done to make the world hate me so bloody much? Where did I go wrong?

It was only then when I realised I'd long since stopped. Alix was looking at me, visably confused. We were in a small alley-way, surrrounded by nothing but mould, buildings and darkness. Looking behind me, I could just see Winterbrook over the houses and smoke of Granld. It didn't look any different than it did 3 years ago. But everything was different. I had to turn away to stop the tears attcking my eyes.

Where do we go now O?

The only place we can go. Home

Winterbrook?!? Are you flipping insane?!?!?!?

Not Winterbrook, you oversized kitty. My old home

Knew that

Rolling my eyes at Alixs stupidity, we began to walk home. The streets were almost deserted, apart from the drunks and the homeless. That's what you get when your apartment is on the crappiest part of town. Everything was extacly like I remembered when we walked in. Expect Xelas dead body was gone and there wasn't a trace of blood anywhere.

"We thought he should have a proper burial."

I didn't need to look to know the voice. Hands slipped around my waist and I leant back against his chest.

"Thanks. For Xela and for coming," I smiled and turned around in his arms. Brushing the ginger hair from Rascos eyes, I kissed him gently, my hands running through his hair. I pulled away slightly and he grinned at me

"I think I need to say you're welcome now, don't you?"

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