The War Of No Hope

Every tyrant has to start somewhere. Especially the most terrifying and violent ones. This is the story of how one became one, and fell from grace at the same time...

Book 1 in the Chalson Chronicles. All rights reserved. Cover designed by Literia Lia.


4. WinterBrook

 It was about midnight when we arrived. The WinterBrook Academy was as bleak as sounded. Golden trees stuck up from the ground, stopping only for the city of Granld to begin. The capital of Chalson was not that impressive really. Small timber house's stretched for as far as the eye could see, dwarfed by the Kings castle. The blue towers were so bright, they seemed to be waterfalls. WinterBrook was like a prison in comparison. The castles dark gargoyle coated towers were so high that they seemed to be trying to touch Heaven and the ravens that sat on top of the spires were so still they seemed to be impaled in place. I jumped out of the carriage, still brain dead. Xela's dead. I'll never get over it.

The gingernut hopped out in-front of me and grabbed my arm, pulling me towards the door. I stumbled up the stairs towards the entrance, eyes trained on the floor. He pushed the door open and pushed me inside with equal roughness. The place was massive. I didn't really take much notice of everything other than that, nor did I have time to even if I wanted to. I was herded along the corridor like a animal and in to large hall. In the middle of it stood a group of 5 people, all muttering quietly. Gingernut cleared his throat, and they all turned to face me. In the middle stood a old man, dressed in a long, dark blue robe and a equally long grey beard trailed of his face.

"And who is this?" Beardy asked Gingernut, stroking his beard.

"She's a Natural," he replied, followed by shocked gasps from the others. Beardy only sighed.

"I can see that, but what is her name?" Gingernut just shrugged and pushed me forward. I stumbled, tripping on my dress as I went.

"Opeh," I stuttered, "Opeh Averis," they exchanged glances, clearly recognizing the name. Beardy stepped towards me, examining me like I was some kind of animal. To be fair, I probably looked like one.

"Take our guest to my study Rasco," he said to Gingernut, telling him something with his eyes. I couldn't catch it, but Gingernut clearly did. He grabbed my arm and pulled me, a little more gently than before, out of the room.

"So that's your name," I muttered, "Any reason you go around and kill vampires Rasco?"

Bit of a crappy name if you ask me. He just fixed me with a deadly silent stare and pulled along up some spiral stairs.

"Fine, be like that then," I huffed, nearly tripping over my dress as I was yanked up the stairs. So much for hospitality. A small window came up on my left, letting a equally small puddle of light flood out on to the grey stone. Glancing out of it, I stopped suddenly.

The whole of Granld was spread out in front of me, smaller than the smallest miniature you can imagine. People the size of ants were hurrying along the grass blade streets, large lightening strikes coursing through the sky.. It all seemed even smaller when I caught sight of Thorne Palace. The towers were glistening like sharp crystals in the sunlight, as blue as blue can be. Shame something so beautiful has to belong to a killer. If it wasn't for the scumbag King Balthazar, then my parents would still be alive. I would of grown up in peace, without having to consistently fight for my life because he hated anyone who was a member of the old King's court. Even more if they were related to him. If only my Uncle hadn't of been so stupid as to actually try to become friends with Balthazar's people, then perhaps the One Week War wouldn't of happened in the first place. I was quite literally pulled away from my thoughts as Rasco yanked my arm, dragging me up the stairs. Who does this kid think he is anyway? Soon a steady stream of doors began to show up, but we didn't go through any. We just kept walking up and up, never once looking down. It seemed like a eternity later when Rasco pushed open a wooden door and shoved me inside.

"Someone will be sent to get you when the Master is ready," he said curtly, slamming the door closed. I moved back towards it and tried to open it. Locked. Great. I don't have a clue where I am, who the name of Saulaf the Master is or why I'm even here. And I've lost all the remaining people I cared about the space of two crappy days. I glanced round the room, half expecting it to be coated in cobwebs and empty like a prison cell. Anything but that to be honest. The room was well light by some candles in a corner and was full of plush furniture. I haven't had anything like this since I was exiled from court. I could feel small tears pricking in my eyes, but I soon pushed them away. So much for self control. Even after five five years, I still cry when I think of the court or Mum. I guess that grief will never go away. Walking over to a nearly breaking bookshelf, I gingerly selected a book and flopped on the bed. Reading always takes my mind off things. Even if it was a book on the One Week War. I sighed, but began to read anyway.

Chapter 1

What Was The One Week War?

The One Week War was a long and bloody war between King Manipolit of Chalson and King Balthazar of Victilie. The war happened from 990 of the Second Age and 001 of the Third Age and had a death toll of five hundred thousand in total. Balthazar won the war after he tricked Manipolit in to signing a treaty and killed him. He then proceeded to kill the rest of Manipolit's Court and exile anyone who was related to the old King. Balthazar also took away the status's of members of the Circle of Old, Vivienne, Agrippa, Constantinople, Seosiris and the Master Silvannus. He did however provide a new home for the Guilds in the capital city of Granld called-

A loud knock echoed through the air, making me jump like a frightened animal. I barely had time to put the book back before Rasco walked in. Whatever happened to waiting before you come in?

"The Master will see you now," he spat at me and yanked me out of the room again. Screw him, I'm not being dragged down those stairs again! I barged past him and sprinted down the stairs. Ha! You may be a vamp slayer Rasco, but you can't catch me! I could hear him shouting after me, but that only made me laugh and run faster. Reaching the bottom, I began to head for the door when- BANG! I ran straight in to someone and, before I knew it, I was flat on my back.

"And where do you think you're going young lady?"

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